145353Henry F Smith b 1864 OH dc 1905 250Comparison AncestorI
262756[26]James Smith bc 1683 Scotland dc 1753 Londonderry NH m Jean
2 William (1715 IRE -1800 NH) m Margaret Duncan
3 Robert (1761 NH-1831 ME) m Hannah Moore
4 Joseph Moore (1818 ME-1883 ME) m Sarah Walker
5 Horace Columbus (1872 ME-1951 ME) m Annie Marion Fairbrother
6 Reuben Fairbrother (1913 ME-2007 FL) m Ada Amelia Lemont
126Not RelatedI
N22621John D Smith bc 1800 PA m Sidney Calbert 1823. 8 children 126Not RelatedI
N53654no earliest known Smith info 126Not RelatedR
N82632no earliest known Smith info 126Not RelatedI
115673Nicholas Smith bc 1818 d 1893 Burrillville RI m Angeline Paine. His father was Stephen Smith. Sons:
2 Walter F b 1860;
2 Warren Mclellan b 1864;
2 Charles Henry b 1869;
2 Albert Wilson b 1879
127Not RelatedI
141482Henry Fredrick Schmidt b 1859 Oberzel GER m Barbara Kauhthau b 1862 Oberzel GER whose parents came to Milltown NJ in 1865. Settled in New Brunswick NJ. Sons:
2 Charles who changed the name to Smith & m Anna Lang
3 Daniel, Francis, & Henry
2 Fredrick.
127Not RelatedI
A99965William Smith Sr b 1796 KY d 1859 MO m Berthenia Theana Cannon.
2 William Smith b 1827 IN d 1907 OK m Mary L Tourney.
3 Franklin A. Smith b 1859 MO d 1928 OK m Margaret M. Shaw.
4 John L Smith, grandfather of test participant, b 1884 MO d 1961 TX m Hattie B. Morgan
127Not RelatedR
N74787[18]Joseph-4 Bros-Smith m Lydia Huit. BC 1631 ENG d Jan 1690 Hartford CT
Joseph Smith-1807>Joseph>John>Joseph>Eli>John Rockwell>John Rockwell>Rockwell Emerson
127Not RelatedR
N87454no earliest known Smith info 127Not RelatedI
018621[23]no earliest known Smith info127Not RelatedE
052506Daniel Smith b 1794 d 1858127Not RelatedI
161836no earliest known Smith info128Not RelatedR
311953no earliest known Smith info 128Not RelatedR
A99974John Smith b in 1800 in NJ.  2 David Smith b 1841 in NJ.
3 Matthew Smith b 1877 NJ m Mary Wylie c1900.
4 Norman b 1903.
4 Leonard b 1906.
4 Eugene b 1909.
4 Ralph b 1914.
4 Francis b 1915.
4 Donald b 1920
128Not RelatedR
N20325[11]no earliest known Smith info 128Not RelatedR
N02214[2]Joseph Smith b 1753 Berkley, Bristol, MA d 1823 Gouverneur NY m Olive Briggs in Dighton MA, res Putney VT. Sons b in Putney VT: 2 Nathaniel Fisher b 1771. 2 Joseph b 1780. 2 Benjamin b 1782. 2 Jonathan b 1784. 128Not RelatedI
149244[39]Edwin Smith b upstate NY.
2 Eben Stoddard Smith b 30 Dec 1919 Washington DC d 26 Oct 1988; res NY
129Not RelatedI
073294Thomas Smith b 1820 Riccarton, Ayershire, Scotland 129Not RelatedI
302972no earliest known Smith info 129Not RelatedR
349972no earliest known Smith info 129Not RelatedR
A99991James Smith b 1816 Old Machar, Aberdeen, SCT d 1885 Buffalo, Erie, NY Believed to come from Aberdeen in 1835 on ship ‘Brilliant’ arr NY; uncles emigrated also. William chr 7 May 1780 & 2 David Smith chr 5 Apr 1792 both in Banchory, Kincardineshire, SCT. Elder brother John d Scotland 1858 129Not RelatedR
N12549Origin in UK 129Not RelatedR
N33337[25]Arthur Lenwood Smith bc 1880 VA. Smiths res Beaver Co PA. 129Not RelatedR
N35859[50]Richard ’Bull Rider’ Smith bc 1613 Eng d 1692 NY m Sarah Hammon. [ Richard Smith-1208]. 2 Job Smith 1647-1719 m Elizabeth Brewster Thompson. 3 Richard Smith 1684-1759 m Martha Corey. 4 Lemuel Smith 1715-1777 m Elizabeth Brush. 5 Merritt Smith 1751-1827 m Abigail Haviland. 6 Caleb Lemuel? Smith 1788-1860 NY m Ann Fowler. 7 Sydney V?P Smith 1817-1873 NY m Jane E Burroughs. 8 Sidney Ham Cornelius Smith 1849-1924 NY m Marrietta Conklin. 9 Carll Burr Smith 1876-1951 NY m Effilinda Penny [NOT Burr Carll Smith,3rd cousin]. 10Arthur Aldrich Smith 1906-1967 m Evelyn Conklin. 129Not RelatedR
N47322Albert Smith bc 1910 GER Prussia 129Not RelatedN
N52624[27]Christopher Smith bc 1615 Devon ENG m Mary Martha Fairbanks, widow of Michael Metcalf, on 2 Aug 1654 in Dedham MA; d 7 Nov 1676 in Dedham MA.
2 John Smith b 19 Nov 1655 Dedham d 1722 in Needham m 21 Dec 1677 Abigail Day
129Not RelatedR
N53037Richard Smith b 1867 PA 129Not RelatedR
N57500John Smith bc 1783/85 PA dc 1875 m Sarah Ann Ukn. Possible parents of John: Nicholas & Catharine Smith.
2 Samuel H bc 1815 PA m Catherine Lilly Smith.
2 Joseph Smith bc 1820 PA
129Not RelatedR
N69231no earliest known Smith info 129Not RelatedR
254845no earliest known Smith info 129Not RelatedR
N06837Kyle Smith b Clyde OH.  2 Lucas Smith bc 1900 prob OH 129Not RelatedE
138637Alexander Smith b 19 Dec 1837 PA m Nida Hewett d 1918 at Vicksburg, MS . Both of Alexander’s parents b in PA per 1900 census of Vicksburg, Warren, MS. Sons: 2 James Henry Rees Smith b 1875 d 1917. 2 Charles Wallace Smith b 1877 d 1930. 2 Augustus ‘Gus’ Smith b 1882 d 1934. 2 Robert Arnot Quin Smith b 1886 d 1963. 1210Not RelatedR
N19630John F Smith/Schmitt 1210Not RelatedR
N30494James Franklin Smith b 1814 Farmington, Gloucestershire, ENG d 1891 m Mary Comstock b 1822 CT bef 1861.
2 Benjamin Ezra Smit b 1861 d 1938 m Sarah Etta Capron 1885.
3 Lloyd Leon Smith b 1887 in Loyal Oak OH d 1980 in Akron OH m 1) Coila Bertha Cover 1909 in Independence MO; m 2) Louise King 1928 in Akron OH.
4 Robert Benjamin Smith b 1915 in Akron OH d 1958 Akron OH
1210Not RelatedR
N50038[5]Willis Smith b 1750 IRE d 1782 m Rebecca Ukn c 1770; in Battle of Bunker Hill NC.
Parents George Smith & Rebecca of IRE settled in Edgecombe Co NC c 1750.
Son Millington S Smith b 1773 d 1835 in Johnson Co IL. Moved with his mother to Stewart Co TN m Barbara Barton in 1799
1210Not RelatedR
N50895William Smith b 1612/3 ENG dc 1692 Providence RI m  Mary McDonaugh. M 1644 while in Providence Colony of Massachusetts, which became Rhode Island. 1210Not RelatedR
N85813no earliest known Smith info 1210Not RelatedR
238346Nathan Smith b 1786 in Chester Co, PA, d 1844 Morgan Co, OH
2 Nathan Baker Smith b 1822 Morgan Co, OH, d 1899 Logan Co, OH
3 Shephard Wayne Smith b 1858, d 1926 Logan Co, OH
4 Banner Allen Smith b 1881, d 1961 9 Logan Co, OH
5 Ross Shepard Smith b 1913, d 1986 Logan Co, OH
3710Not RelatedI
035936John Mears Smith b 1859 Burslem, Wolstanton, Staffordshire ENG d 1937 in East Liverpool, Columbiana, OH m Mary Burford1210Not RelatedR
091295William F Smith b 21 Jul 1817 PA d 1877 Winfield, Cauley, KS m 1843 in Morgan Co OH to Rebecca Kyle Bethel.
2 James Kyle Polk Smith b 1846 in Sharon Co OH d 1893 in Chetopa, Labette, KS 1866 in Warren Co IA Catherine Bickle Bickel.
3 Frank James Smith b 1874 in Winfield, Cowley, KS d 1942 m 1898 Rozette Fry both bur in Pleasant Valley Cem Oswego, Labette, KS
1210Not RelatedR
N02093Frederic Smith b 1856 New Brunswick, CAN m Euphemie Morneault 1889 Grand Isle ME. Res Van Buren Aroostook Co ME 1210Not RelatedR
N02152no earliest known Smith info 1210Not RelatedR
184592John Smith b bef 1719 ENG.
2 John Smith b 1739 d aft 1778 ENG m Mary Duck.
3 Joseph Smith b 1767 ENG m Jane Brewer.
4 John Smith b 1787 ENG d aft 1871 ENG m Lucy Beath.
5 William Smith b 1827 ENG d 1885 ENG m Sarah New.
6 John Thomas Smith b 20 Mar 1856 at Netherstreet. Bromham. Wltshire, ENG d Sep 1928 Spye Park, Chittoe, Wiltshire ENG. Arr CT 1880 with wife Julia Anna Barry & brother Joseph but returned to ENG after birth of one child.
6 Brother Joseph William Smith b 1863 ENG remained in CT d 1880.
7 The Rev E Howard Smith b 1882 ENG d 1940 CAN m Reita Smith
2511Not RelatedI
219341Zalmon Smith b 1779 CT m Nancy Hovey
Zalmon Smith-3418>Charles>Andrew>Frank Tracy>Andrew Joseph
3711Not RelatedI
N13704Ukn Smith dau Clara Smith b 1884 in Philadelphia PA 1211Not RelatedR
N24816Christian Smith bc 1773 PA d 1855 Nashville, Holmes, OH m Elizabeth Young 15 Feb 1799 Frederick Co VA. 2 Isaac Smith b 1814 VA d 1892 Nashville, Holmes, OH m 1) Sarah Hoyer; m 2) Sarah Fortney c1842, widow of Henry Wachtel 1211Not RelatedR
N72441Andrew Jackson Smith bc 1826 ME m York Co ME m 1) Elizabeth McKenney. M 2) Leah Atwood; m 3) Gertrude Fife. Parents may have been Thomas & Ada Smith. Other ancestors may have been Mark Smith & Amanda Pickle 1211Not RelatedR
063310no earliest known Smith info1211Not RelatedR
060354William Smith b 1801 SCT d 1875 Sherbrooke Quebec CAN m Mary King b 1811. Sons b Sherbrooke: David William 1849-1916; John F 1851-19353711Not RelatedI
107214Philip Schmidt bc 1721/25 GER d 1814 OH.
2 Peter Smith b 1751.
3 Isaac Smith b 1777 PA.
4 Jacob Smith b 1809 d 1862 PA.
5 Robert Smith b 1839 PA d 1927 WV
3712Not RelatedI
137844[37]Rev Jedediah Smith b 1802 Lyme, New London, CT d 1883 in Deerfield MI m 1) Sally Wilcox in 1824 in Preston Chenango Co NY and 2) Lucy Morgan. Also res Chatauqua NY and Crawford Co PA. His parents may have been Esek Smith & Thankful Thompson.
2 son from the first marriage was Lewis Smith
3 grandson was Ladovia Smith
3712Not RelatedI
A99959[74]Samuel Austin Smith b 1792 Groton, Connecticut 2512Not RelatedI
181844Tennessee Smith 3712Not RelatedI
029056[37]David Smith b 1748 d 1811 m Betsy prob Stark. Bur West Pittston Lucerne Co PA in Jenkins-Harding Cem.
Sons: Shubael Smith b 1775 CT or PA in Ontario Co NY by 1795; m Ann. Also David, Nathan, James & Charles.
Son David Sr m 2 widow Lucy Gore Murphy with 3 children. They were with the ill-fated Susquehanna Company in PA. In 1778 Indians burned their house down & took Shubael. David Jr & another child Nancy escaped to the woods & returned 2 weeks later
3712Not RelatedI
177974David Lloyd Smith b 1932 MA d 1973 in Santa Cruz CA 3713Not RelatedI
195567Samuel Smith bc 1785 CT d aft 1860 Clinton Co MI m Sarah Miller [d/o-Garret Miller Jr & Mary Smith].
2 Joshua Smith b 1818 NY d 1900 PA m Rhoda Friends.
3 Henry William Smith b 1858 PA d 1940 PA m Viletta White/Wilson.
4 Curtis Smith b 1880 PA d 1957 PA m Cora Belle Little.
5 Clifton Lee Smith b 1900 PA d 1988 m Elsie Weiser.
3713Not RelatedI
271302[74]John Smith bc 1756 CT d 1833  Marlboro, Vt 3713Not RelatedI
057120William Smith b 1837 OH m Ann E b KY c1843. 6 Children all born in KY. Parents born in PA2513Not RelatedI
071173[74]John Smith b 1756 CT possibly Groton d 1833 Marlboro or Halifax, Windham, VT m Lucy Rowe 1778 Suffield CT. Res Granby CT 1779-1782. 2 Children b Granby Clarissa & Rowe.
Res Marlboro VT 1782-death. 5 children b Marlboro John Kinnon, Lucy, Abigail, Laura, Orinda
3713Not RelatedI
009185[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton MA m Mary Bundy. Res in Taunton, Bristol, MA.
Descendants went to Stoughton, MA
3713Not RelatedI
125616[28]Chester Foote Smith b 1813 Cornwell CT m Diana Carter Griswold; d 1876 Torrington CT 3714Not RelatedI
326026[37]William Smith bc 1730/6 New London, CT dc 1778 Newport, Luzerne, PA
7 Silas Smith b 1761 in Colchester, New London, CT d 1839 in Harlem Twnshp, Delaware, OH
8 Charles Gaylord Smith bc 1811 in Newport, Luzerne, PA
9 Charles Wesley Smith b 1844 in Harlem Twnshp, Delaware, OH d 1923 in Stratton, Kit Carson, CO
10 Elias Rowland Smith b 1876 in Juniata, Adams, NE d 1961 in Stratton, Kit Carson, CO
11 Theodore Rowland Smith b 1904 in Omaha, Douglas, NE d 1975 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO
3714Not RelatedI
032029[14]John Smith bc 1784 PA. Son Jonathan? m Amy bc 1789 PA 3714Not RelatedG
032547[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718 d 1791 m Christiana Harshall. Later called John Smith. Res Pleasant Run Hunterdon NJ3714Not RelatedG
041799[14]John Smith bc 1784 PA. Son Jonathan? m Amy bc 1789 PA 2514Not RelatedG
049784[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton, Bristol, MA m Mary Bundy 3714Not RelatedI
051022[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton, Bristol, MA m Mary Bundy . Res in Taunton, Bristol, MA.
Descent through John Marshall Smith b 1838 NH d 1931 in Burke Caledonia Co VT
3714Not RelatedI
054559[2]George Smith b 1715 Taunton?, Bristol, MA m Lydia Reed b in 1720 in Braintree MA. Descendants moved to Onondaga Co NY, MI, NH, VT3714Not RelatedI
063245[28]Francis Smith 1846 CAN- _OH m 1867 Eliza Reynolds
-George Smith 1867 OH-_ m Catherine
William George Smith 1895 OH-_ m Katheleen Bower
-William Donald Smith b 1923 m Jean Schoeninger in Toleldo, OH
3714Not RelatedI
081013[2]Nathan Smith b 1838 OH d bef 1900 m Mary Ann Harris b in TX on 4 Apr 1845. Res Calcasieu Parish LA in 1850. Mary Ann d 5 Jan 1945 in Harris Co TX 3714Not RelatedI
089987[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718-1791 & Christeen/Christianna Harshall
2 Andreas/Andrew Smith bc 1762 Lebanon , Readington Twp, Hunterdon, NJ d 1825 Mansfield Twp Warren Co NJ m 1) 1782 Elizabeth Smith; 2) 1789 Christina/Catharine/Catherine Ammerman in New Germantown, Oldwick, NJ. 1st marriage:
3 Johannes Smith b 1783.
2nd marriage three sons:
3 Andrew b 1790 d 1855;
3 Isaac b 1791;
3 Philip b 1800.
3714Not RelatedG
093588[2]no earliest known Smith info3714Not RelatedI
097285[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718-1791 & Christeen/Christianna Harshall
2John Smith b 1757
3 Tunis Smith & Elizabeth Severs widow of John Sheats.
4 Tunis Smith Sheats b 1832 NJ
3714Not RelatedG
B01157Johann Friedrich Conrad Schmidt b 1792 Neuenknick 38 Windheim, Westfalen, Prussia d 1845-53 IN or IL.
2 Johann Friedrich Conrad Schmidt II b 1919 Neuenknich 38 Windheim, Wesphalia, Prussia d 1865 Red Bud, Randoph, IL.
3 Conrad William Friedrich Wilhelm Schmidt b 1855 Red Bud, Randolph, IL d 1913 Kearney, Buffalo, NE.
4 Wilhelm Ernst Henry Schmidt b 1895 North of Shelton, Buffalo, NE d 1968 Gibbon, Buffalo, NE.
3714Not RelatedI
N03599[2]Eliab Smith bc 1750 ME d 1825 m Abigail Lewis in Kennebec Co ME. Father possibly was a Moses Smith of MA, NH or ME 3714Not RelatedI
120182[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE dc 1768 New Boston, Hillsborough, NH.
Reportedly married 5 times including Martha Karr, Mary __, & Widow McCollum. Among first Scot-Irish settlers in Chester, Rockingham Co, NH by at least 1724. Six known children who lived to adulthood [2 daughters, 4 sons].
3715Not RelatedI
129754[62]Dr Samuel Smith bc 1755 near Donegal, Co Derry IRE; educated at the University of Edinburgh; m Elizabeth Gordon c1786 in Franklin Co PA. He came to PA with his siblings William, Sarah and Margaret, leaving brothers John and Robert in IRE. Margaret m his wife’s brother, Alexander Gordon in Franklin Co PA 3715Not RelatedI
133668[31]Mathis Schmidt/Smith bc 1700 GER d 1753 Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ m Christeen; naturalized in America 1730. Sons:
2 John b 1724d 1774 m Mary Harsell;
2 Lodowick b 1735;
2 Abraham b 1737;
2 Jacob;
2 Mathis
3715Not RelatedG
139258James Smith b 1851 Monmouthshire Wales m Mary Ann Morgan. Res Ruspidge, Gloucestershire ENG; emigrated to America in 1893; settled in Nanticoke PA. Sons: John, Henry moved to CT; Alfred, William Wilson, James & Albert.
2 William Wilson Smith b Ruspidge ENG 1883 d Nanticoke PA 1954 m Elizabeth Ann Evans
3715Not RelatedI
149305William T Smith bc 1785 VA m Rachel Tennis 1803 Monroe, Amherst, VA d aft 1860 Adams Co OH.
2 Squire Smith b 1809 Adams or Brown Co OH d 2 Sep 1890 Winchester, Adams, OH m 1) Nancy Blair 2) Sarah McDaniel.
3 Parmenis Smith b 7 Nov 1841 d 12 Jan 1935 Aurora, Hamilton, NE m Rebecca Jerusha Kay.
4 Robert Ray Smith b 25 Nov 1889 White City, Morris, KS d 12 Apr 1970 OR m 1) Lillie Belle Hull & 2) Ila May Moulton
3715Not RelatedG
171181[28]George Smith c1610/20-1662 New Haven CT.
2 Joseph Smith 1655 CTVR-1697 CT m 1680 VR Lydia Bristow/Bristol
3 Daniel Smith 1693 CTVR-1771 Chester MA m Abigail Alling
4 Abner/Eber Smith 1722 CTVR-1794? m 1749/50 VR Ruth Smith