073294Thomas Smith b 1820 Riccarton, Ayershire, Scotland 120Comparison AncestorI
267169Adam Smith 1769 PA-1840 Pike, Stark, OH
-2 George Smith 1799 PA-1874 Chester, Wabash, IN m (1) Unknown (2) Mary Clink (1850 Stark, OH census)
--3 Henry Smith bc 1841 OH
--3 Levi Smith bc 1846 OH
--3 Adam Smith 1833 Pike, Stark, OH-1906 Chester, Wabash, IN m 1) Dorathy Engle, 2) Eliza Jenks, 3) Angeline Moyer
---4 Henry Harrison Smith 1863 IN-1951 IN m Olive Lofland
----5 Carver R Smith 18851965 IN m Etta Thomas
-----6 Claude E Smith 1921-1995 IN
----5 Esta Orville Smith 1887-1962 IN m Nellie Harrison
----5 Verl Victor Smith 1893-1976 IN m Ethel Catherine Gosner
---4 George G Smith 1871-1933 WA m Hattie F Mitchell
-2 John Smith bc 1801 PA d 1886 Stark Co, OH
-2 Jacob Smith bc 1805 PA d Unknown (1850 Stark, OH census)
037507John Smith b 1798 Riccarton, Ayershire, Scotland 250RelatedI
299540Heinrich or Henry Keck b 23 Feb 1710371Possibly RelatedI
141214[65]Joseph Smith m Abigail Condit
2 John *Revo 1763 NJ-1855 NJ m Sarah W Gould
3 Jonathan Huger 1790 NJ-1881 NJ m Phebe Condit Beach
4 John Mills 1820 NJ-1894 WI m Emily Blandin Torrey
5 Howard Jay 1859 WI-1907 WI m Eva Pennwarden Goodnough
372Probably Not RelatedI
198297John Smith c1777-1819 m Elizabeth Auberry
2 William Smith 1732-1818 m Elizabeth James of Surry Co, NC
3 Stephen J. K. Smith 1703-1784 m Mary
4 Charles Smith m Grace Sawyer of Abingtoin Parish, Gloucester Co, VA
372Probably Not RelatedI
A99995[36]James O Smith b 1850 IL d 1916 Gowen, Latimar, OK m Mary Alice Wise. Civil War veteran. Both parents b in PA. Sons: James, Charles, Walter. James’s brother: Matt 252Probably Not RelatedI
015607[32]John Smith res 1740 Cornwall, Orange, NY dc 1782/4 New York372Probably Not RelatedI
052506Daniel Smith b 1794 d 1858122Probably Not RelatedI
076904Joseph Smith who, with his son Benjamin, arr Wentworth, NH in 1775
2 Benjamin Smith, b c1756, of Wentworth, NH, served in Revolutionary War; d 1838; m 1781 Rebeckah Keyes in Plymouth, Grafton Co., NH.eleven children
3 Jonathan Smith
372Probably Not RelatedI
090732[36]William Harris bc 1782 VA dc 1859; migration from VA to IN 1818 to IA 1845 to CA 1862. Also see Harris DNA Project Group 8 Capt Thomas Harris. Possible deep ancestral origins going back to Robert de Heriz 1070-1120 landholder in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire ENG & also prob known as de Harcourt in Leicestershire. Many Harris families take their name from Le Hericy a branch of the Harcourts; a name known as de Heriz in ENG A branch in Leicestershire became Heriz-Smith as they were proud of their metal smith skills. The first to take this alias may have been William Smith alias Heriz of Withcote Co Leicester, Lord of the Manor of Withcote 372Probably Not RelatedI
B5862[32]Nicholas Seversmith bc 1635, dc 1699 m Mary Tibbels 373Not RelatedI
123358Johannes Schmidt bc 1760 Germantown, Columbia, NY dc 1830 m Lena Rockefeller 373Not RelatedI
160633[32]Nicholas Smith b 1635 Netherlands d 1699 Huntington Suffolk, NY. Father, Severt Smit 373Not RelatedI
192655Arthur Franklin Smith b 12 Jan 1833 Co Kildare IRE, killed 1896 Ponca City OK m c1860 Martha Jane Coats in Saline Co MO. Immigrated to America at about age 4; grew up in Providence RI; in Doniphan Co KS in 1865; in Brown Co KS 1875 1880 and 1885; sold Kansas farm in 1888 and moved to OK. Sons:
2 William Henry b 1868 d 1919 m Mary Ann Shenk.
2 James Edward b 1866 d 1916 m 1) Minnie Estella Brunton & 2) Lutie Pearl Dinsmore.
3 Lester Ray Smith b 1903 d 1919.
253Not RelatedI
A99985[32]Eli Smith bc 1797/1800 NJ m Hattie Rook.
2 Eli Smith b 12 Apr 1826 OH d 14 Mar 1909 in Turlock Stanislaus CA m Amelia Franz 1873.
3 Don Carlos Smith b 17 Jan 1874 in Iowa d 10 Mar 1943 in Stanislaus CA m Mildred Lavina Rainey 1903.
253Not RelatedI
094848[32]Josiah Smith bc 1800 NJ d bef 1850 m Susannah Lafferty 20 Apr 1826 in Clermont Co OH. Sons all b Clermont Co OH:
2 Jerome bc1827 d 1890 in Brown Co TX;
2 Alonzo b 1828; James M b 1830;
2 Lucian b 1832 d 1916 in Clinton Co OH
373Not RelatedI
115673Nicholas Smith bc 1818 d 1893 Burrillville RI m Angeline Paine. His father was Stephen Smith. Sons:
2 Walter F b 1860;
2 Warren Mclellan b 1864;
2 Charles Henry b 1869;
2 Albert Wilson b 1879
124Not RelatedI
117692John A Smith bc 1815 NC moved to McNairy Co TN d 26 Feb 1884 in Atoy, Cherokee, TX buried in the Smith cemetery there. Thought to have origin or relatives in the NE 374Not RelatedI
122468Conrad Smith bc 1780/90 PA d 1833 Washington Co PA m Sariah. Was a blacksmith; res Amwell Twp and Canton Twp, Washington, PA Name also spelled Conard and Connard. Sons all b in PA:
2 Davis 1808 m Mary E Birch;
2 Perry 1817 d 1884 Hamilton Co OH m Martha Rutan;
2 John 1816/20;
2 William 1820/25;
2 Samuel 1827 d 1895 Washington PA m Mary McCracken
254Not RelatedI
139470[32]Israel E Smith b 1824 NY m Phebe A Sutton; d 1909 in Port Jefferson NY. Sons:
2 Joseph R b 1847;
2 Thomas M b 1848;
2 Israel b 1857;
2 Perry b 1865
374Not RelatedI
142284[65]Smyths from Scotland, by way of N IRE;  then Troy, NY. No dates. 374Not RelatedI
142668[54]Walter Smith bc 1653 d 1709 CT m Rebecca Prime. 374Not RelatedI
145274Robert Smith dc 1813 m Jemima Unk. Res Bethlehem, Hunterdon, NJ; may have lived in Warren Co near Asbury NJ. Sons: William, Joseph, Robert, John, David, & Asher.
2 David m Mary Wycoff, res Asbury/Bethlehem Twp, Hunterdon, NJ
374Not RelatedI
149244[39]Edwin Smith b upstate NY.
2 Eben Stoddard Smith b 30 Dec 1919 Washington DC d 26 Oct 1988; res NY
124Not RelatedI
166656John S C Smith bc 1840 Leeds ENG m 1) Rose Hawkins N Brookfield; m 2 Eleanor Ukn. Emigrated to North Brookfield MA. Child of John & Rose was John Hawkins Smith b 27 Oct 1870 m Mary Anne LaPointe a widow. Son Norman H 374Not RelatedI
171181[28]George Smith c1610/20-1662 New Haven CT.
2 Joseph Smith 1655 CTVR-1697 CT m 1680 VR Lydia Bristow/Bristol
3 Daniel Smith 1693 CTVR-1771 Chester MA m Abigail Alling
4 Abner/Eber Smith 1722 CTVR-1794? m 1749/50 VR Ruth Smith
5 Joab Smith *Revo. c1760 MA?-1840 MA m Elizabeth Lunnon
6 Nelson Smith 1800 MA-1880 PA m Sophia Carrington
7 William Lonon Smith 1846 PA-___?CA m Annie Kramer
8 Nelson Guy Smith 1882 CA-1959 CA m Margaret D Quinn
9 Lonon Quinn Smith 1910 CA-1945 m Edna Violet Wilcox
374Not RelatedI
181439[28]George Smith c1610/20-1662 New Haven CT.
2 Ebenezer Smith 1653 CT-1714 CT WILL m Mary Smith
3 Ebenezer Smith 1688-1767 m Hannah Smith
4 Daniel Smith 1710 CT-1757 CT m Susanna Newton
5 Oliver Smith 1735 CT-1804 CT m Hannah Jones
6 Daniel Smith 1765 CT-1839 CT m Mary Keeler
7 Lester Smith 1801 CT-1853 OH m 1823 Electa McThey/McKee
8 Daniel Webster Smith 1835-1913 OH? m Angeline Janvier
9 Frederic Harrison Smith Sr1879 OH-1962m Harriet Bonnicastle Harrison
10 Frederic Harrison Smith Jr 1908 NY-1980 m Martha Stuart King
374Not RelatedI
181743John Smith b 1769 IRE or N IRE dc 1849/1854 London, Chester, PA m Isabella Smyth/Smythe bef 1790 IRE or N IRE. Scotch Irish weaver. Presbyterians; disembarked in New Castle DE; settled in Chester Co PA 1790. Sons all b in London, Britain, Chester,PA except the first one: ,br> 2 William #1 b bef 1790 d in infancy during voyage to America.
2 William #2 b 1797 d 1863 m Mary Dehaven 1821.
2 Adam b 1798.
2 John Jr b 1800.
2 George b 1806 m Mary.
Descendants lived in MD, DE, PA, & OH
374Not RelatedI
182274[32]Fleet Smith b 1803 Huntington NY d 1843 Amytyville NY m Phoebe Smith bef 1827/8. He may be Parot Fleet Smith baptized 29 May 1803 at Old First Presbyterian Church of Huntington. 2 Jesse Howard Smith b Dec 1837 in Amityville d 19 Oct 1900 Brooklyn NY m Isabella Norton 1857 Brooklyn NY. 3 Franklin Howard Smith b 9 Jul 1860 d 23 Feb 1934 Queens NY m Letitia Turner 10 Jan 1882 Brooklyn. 4 George Arthur Smith b 4 Aug 1892 Brooklyn d 1956 Brooklyn m Louisa Miller 1915 Brooklyn. 374Not RelatedI
309577[73]John Smith b 1615 d bef 14 Feb 1670 m Deborah Parkhurst in Watertown Middlesex Co MA.
2 Philip Smith bc 1650 d bef 1713 m Dorcas Stewart.
3 John Smith bc 1685 Edgartown, Dukes, MA d 1728 m c1709 Hannah Pease.
4 Samuel 1713 –1796 MA m Eunice Vincent 5 Thomas 1740 -1808 m Thankful Norton 6 Thomas 1781 -1857 m Jedidah Tilton 7 Elisha Tilton 1816 -1889 m Elizabeth L. Wilber (ME) 8 Marcus M Sr. 1839 -1919 m Charlotte E. Dearborn (ME) 9 Marcus M Jr. 1871-___ m Georgia Cleaves (Calais, ME)
374Not RelatedI
N10826[28]George Smith c1610/20-1662 New Haven CT.
2 John Smith1647-1711 CT m1672 CTVR Grace Winston
3 John Smith 1673 CT/VT-1768 m Mehitabel Talmadge
4 Austin Smith 1711 CT/VT-1797 CT m1733/34 VT Margaret Smith
5 Anthony Smith*Revo. 1752 CT-1838 CT m Esther Hodge
6 Anson Smith c1775–1828 m Sally Bouton
7 Horace Smith 1799 CT-1881 CT m Mary/Polly Webster
8 Frederick B Smith 1832 CT-1887 CT m Fannie E. Morey
9 Garrett Worthington Smith 1862 CT-1932 CT m Allene Brown
10 Harlow E Smith 1909 CT-1967 CT m Sylvia Adams
374Not RelatedI
N22621John D Smith bc 1800 PA m Sidney Calbert 1823. 8 children 124Not RelatedI
N31714[28]George Smith c1610/20-1662 New Haven CT.
2 John Smith1647-1711 CT m 1672 CTVR Grace Winston
3 John Smith 1673 CT/VT-1768 m Mehitabel Talmadge
4 Austin Smith 1711 CT/VT-1797 CT m1733/34 VT Margaret Smith
5 Austin Smith m1765 Sarah Hickcox
6 Harvey Smith 1783 CT-1853 OH mc 1809 NY Gobeide Salmon
7 Oel Thayer Smith 1827 NY-1903 MI m Miranda Rogers
8 Fayette Wilney Smith 1855 OH-1931 MI m Henrietta Ferris
9 Otis Lyle Smith 1886 MI-1956 MI m Evelyn Elzada Dundon
10 Lyle Fayette Smith 1909 MI-1975 MI m Helen Mae Newman
374Not RelatedI
N50377[39]Jonathan Smith 1692 VT-1759 CT m Rebecca Painter
2 Ephraim 1733 VT-1806 CT m 1754 VT m Thankful Tyler
3 Ira*Revo 1757VT-1835 CT m Elizabeth Judson & widow Chloe Stevens
4 Ira 1788 Cheshire CT-1867 Jerusalem NY m Elizabeth Rice
5 William Henry 1822 NY-1900 Penn Yan NY m Jane E Heminway
6 Heminway Newell 1857 NY-1936 Penn Yan NY
7 Leon Heminway 1894 CO-1964 Rochester NY
374Not RelatedI
048593James Ashley Smith bc 1837 London ENG.
2 Son b Buffalo NY.
3 Grandson b Buffalo NJ.
4 Great-grandson from Sayville, LI, NY
254Not RelatedI
059696[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH
2 Jonathan Smith b 13 Jan 1756 ME or NH d 13 Feb 1834 in Lane District, Rockingham, NH m bef 1790 Dorothy
374Not RelatedI
063245[28]Francis Smith 1846 CAN- _OH m 1867 Eliza Reynolds
-George Smith 1867 OH-_ m Catherine
William George Smith 1895 OH-_ m Katheleen Bower
-William Donald Smith b 1923 m Jean Schoeninger in Toleldo, OH
374Not RelatedI
080575[54]Walter Smith bc 1653 d 1709 CT m Rebecca Prime.
2 Samuel Smith b 1678 CT d 1742 CT m Rachel Lambert.
3 Jesse Smith b 1708 CT d 1783 CT m Elizabeth Camp.
4 Joel Smith b 1756 CT d 1828 CT m Patience Bearse.
5 David Smith b 1783 CT d 1840 NY m Laura Perry.
6 David Monroe Smith b 1817 NY d 1894 NY m Betsy Lincoln.
7 Gaius Francis Smith b 1851 NY d 1938 MI m Emma Ingram.
8 George Birney Smith b 1879 NY d 1948 MI m Effie Teachout
374Not RelatedI
106256[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
2 Jonathan Smith 1640-1712.
3 Israel Smith 1670-1723.
4 John Smith 1704-1768.
5 Robert Wadleigh Smith b 1744-1812 res Exeter Rockingham Co NH m Susanna
375Not RelatedI
111928[39]Chauncey Smith b 1797 Cornwall, Litchfield CT d 1883 Watson, Lewis, NY 2 William Warren Smith 1830 NY-1913 WI m Catherine Bryant 3 Charles Jerome B__ Smith 1879 WI-1949 WI m Ruth Blanche Watts 4 William Warren Smith 1914 ID-1990 375Not RelatedI
125616[28]Chester Foote Smith b 1813 Cornwell CT m Diana Carter Griswold; d 1876 Torrington CT 375Not RelatedI
126700[48]Thomas Smith c1605 ENG-1692 MA m Mary Knapp
2 Thomas Smith 1640 MA-1727 m Mary Hosmer
3 Benjamin Smith 1689 MA-1779 m Martha Comee
4 Thomas Smith b 1727 m Sarah Raymond
5 Elias/Ezekiel Smith 1756 MA-1815 NY? m MarySarah Flint & MaryEster Bullen
6 Silas Smith 1794 VT-c1851 CA? m1) Amanda Adams m2) Julia Savage
7 Obed Smith 1838 MI-1907 MI m. Alice Doty
8 Frederick Tobias Smith bc1869 MI m2 Anna Scharer Myers
9 Harold Wesley Smith 1905 MI-1997 MI
375Not RelatedI
127633William Smith b 1745 poss RI d 1817 Hancock  MA m Mary Tamplin or Walker. Res Hancock, Berkshire, MA by 1775. Lieutenant in the Revo War. Sons:
2 Daniel b 1769,
2 Willard b 1771,
2 Tamplin,
2 William,
2 John b 1781,
2 Nathaniel b 1787
375Not RelatedI
130530[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
Thomas Smith b 1756 d VT or CAN m Elizabeth Parcher. Came to Waterbury VT c1790 from Scarborough/Waterboro ME. 2 Samuel Smith b 16 Oct 1791 VT d 11 Dec 1827 Chatham Quebec CAN m Mary Smith
375Not RelatedI
133706[48]Thomas Smith m Ruth Oldom of Oakley, Bedford Co. ENG
2 Edward Smith bc1708 ENG m Hannah
3 Thomas Smith bc1734 ENG m Ann Owens
4 Thomas Smith b ENG-d ENG m Mary Griggs
5 James Smith Sr 1800 ENG-1884 ENG m Elizabeth Craddock
6 James Smith Jr 1838 ENG-1922 UT m Emma Sutton Hawksworth. Arr PA 1866
7 George Henry Smith 1873 UT-1947 UT m Hulda Elizabeth Barton
8 Willard Howard Smith 1914 UT-d UT m Golda Hipwell
375Not RelatedI
133791[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
Bap Saltfleet by St Clement, Lincolnshire, ENG; m at St Peter's-at-Arches Lincoln, Lincolnshire on 28 Apr 1636; in Boston MA by 1637; res Exeter NH in 1639; Hampton NH by c1654; d 1706.
375Not RelatedI
143223[49]Carolus Schmidt 1718 Hellering-les-fenetrange, FR-1783 PA m Ottilia/Utilla Bruah
2 Peter Schmidt 1763 PA-1799 PA m Barbara Moyer/Moires
3 Henrich Schmidt/Smith 1792 PA-1857 PA m Elizabeth Schmidt/Smith
4 Henry Clay Smith 1829 PA-1907 PA m Joanna G. Willis
5 William Henry Smith 1863 PA-1945 IL m Ida Fannie Smith
6 Milton Bressler Smith 1888 IL-1964 GA
7 Richard Milton Smith 1921 IN-1995 AZ
375Not RelatedG
156188[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
Jonathan Smith bc 1784 d 18in Ontario CAN m Mary Harris at Chatham Twp Quebec in 1807. Res CAN, the son of Samuel Smith
375Not RelatedI
162046[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
2 Asahel Smith b 1645 NH d Dedham MA m Mary.
3 Joseph Smith b 1673 MA d 1745 MA m Susanna Fisher.
4 Ebenezer Smith b 1719 MA, living in 1771, m Lydia Hartshorn.
5 Isaac Smith b 1750 MA m Mary Richards.
6 Abijah Smith m Hannah Whiting.
7 Whiting Smith b 1814 MA m Rapsina G Fales.
8 Francis Whiting Smith m Abby Jane Rhodes.
9 William Francis Smith m Ellen F Colbert.
10 Francis William Smith m Maria Elizabeth Woodard.
375Not RelatedI
163375[39]John Smith bc1619 ENG dc 1684 Milford CT m Grace Hawley
2 John Smith 1646 CT-1732 CT m Phebe Canfield
3 Joseph Smith 1694-1778 m 1720 Mary Clark
4 Joseph Smith 1730-1810 m Jemima Hubbell
5 Eli Smith 1760 Brookfield CT-1819 CT m Phebe Dibble
6 Zeri Smith 1784 CT-1820 NYC m Rebecca Lewis
7 George Lewis Smith b1818 NY m3 Mary Ann Danenhower
8 Thomas Francis Smith 1850 NJ-1917 NJ m2) Anna Shaw
9 Clifford Washington Smith 1881 NJ-1949 NJ m Carrie Hanson
375Not RelatedI
171182Charles  SchmidtSmith b 1824 GER Prussia d 1912 MI m Barbary. Res Ohio by c1852, Ida Monroe Co MI by 1870. Known children all b in OH. Son: Jacob bc 1859. 375Not RelatedG
180244[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH m Susanna Buste 1636
Bap Saltfleetby St Clement Lincolnshire ENG; m at St Peter's-at-Arches Lincoln Lincolnshire on 28 Apr 1636; in Boston MA by 1637; res Exeter NH in 1639; Hampton NH by c1654
375Not RelatedI
185607[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH m Susanna Buste 1636
2 Jonathan Smith 1640 NH-c1725 NH m Mehitable Holdridge 1670
3 Jonathan Smith c1680 NH-c1741 m Bridget Kenniston 1719
4 Abraham Smith 1720 NH-1798 NH m Elizabeth Scribner 1743
5 Jonathan Smith 1756 NH-1834 NH m Dorothy Wadleigh
6 Jonathan Smith 1793 NH-1867 IA m Rachel Simmons c1816
7 Samuel Smith 1842 PA-1916 OR m Mary Kasire Smith 1866
8 Charles Wesley Smith 1867 IA-1949 IA m Rebecca Jane Redenbaugh 1890
9 Floyd R. Smith 1892 IA-1971 IA m Beulah Grace Spurgeon 1914
-0 Ronald Richard Smith 1917 IA-1984 IA m1 Anna Lou Hacker, m2 Joy Roslie Mairet
375Not RelatedI
186775[49]John Smith Sr b 1778 d aft 1860 m Frances; res East Salem, Juniata, PA. 2 John Smith Jr b 12 Oct 1807 d 10 May 1882 m 1) Barbara & 2 Lydia. John & Lydia bur Delaware Mennonite Cem Thompsontown PA; had son Calvin b 1864. Children of John Jr & Barbara: 3 Andrew J b 25 Feb 1845 d 11 Aug 1920, bur Mennonite Cem, m Jane Catherine Dillman. 3 John Edward b 18 Jun 1849 d 3 Feb 1934 m Asenath Amanda Erwin. 3 Henry I b 1853. 3 Jacob b 1854. 375Not RelatedG
275015[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH  m Susanna Buste
2 Jonathan Smith 1640 NH - c1725 NH m. Mehitable Holdridge
3 Jacob Smith 1673 NH - 1744 NH m. Priscilla Rogers
4 Benjamin Smith c1685 NH - ___ NH m. Elizabeth Stevens
5 Benjamin Smith 1726 NH - 1780 NH m. Apphia Cass
6 Jeremy Smith *Revo c1756 NH - 1822 NH m. Judith Norris
7 Greenleaf Smith c1789 NH - 1869 ME m. Sophia Johnson
8 Darius B Smith 1841 ME - 1921 ME m. Delia Crockett
375Not RelatedI
224935[48]Thomas Smith bc1605 ENG-d1693 MA m Mary Knapp
2 JONATHAN 1658 -1724 MA m Sarah/Jane Peabody
3 Zachariah b 1687 m Susannah Grant
4 Jonas *Revo 1719 MA - 1802 MA m Thankful Fiske
5 Zachariah b 1749 MA – dc 1828 m Sarah Bemis
6 Jonas b 1788 m Abigail Fiske
7 Francis 1822 MA – 1908 m Abigail Prescott Baker
8 Frank Webster 1854 MA-1943
375Not RelatedI
N47647[49]Carolus Schmidt 1718 Hellering-les-fenetrange, FR-1783 PA m Ottilia/Utilla Bruah
Schmidts/Smiths lived in Bethel Twp, Berks, PA; then moved to Markelsville/Juniata Twp, Perry, PA
375Not RelatedG
N55383William Jordan Smith 1805 NC-1899 TN m Martha Mary Winningham
2 William D. Smith 1832 TN - 1912 TN m Emily J. Newberry?Daniel
3 Sherman H. Smith 1865 TN - 1944 TN m Nettie L. Winningham
4 Floyd D. Smith 1890 TN - 1950 TN m Ida Mae Martin
375Not RelatedI
N63581[39]John Smith b 1619 Hertfordshire, ENG d 1684 Milford, New Haven, CT m Grace Hawley in 1642 in Milford CT. A first settler of Milford.
2 John Smith 1646 CT-1732 CT m Phebe Canfield
3 Thomas Smith 1676 CT-1743 CT m Hannah Camp
4 Gideon Smith Sr. 1709 CT-1799 CT m 1731 Sarah Benedict
5 Gideon Smith Jr. 1739 CT-1838 Lenox MA m Allyn Northrup
6 Allan Northrup Smith 1776 MA-1857 Morrisville NY m 1800 Amanda Woodruff
7 Henry Aurelius Smith 1819 MA-1906 Port Byron IL m 1870 Lucy Caroline Smith
8 Bertram Edgar Smith 1878 IA-1952 Rahway NJ m 1907 Luella May Little
9 Clayton Forsythe Smith 1908 NYC-1984 m 1936 Bertha Naomi Johnson
375Not RelatedI
N82632no earliest known Smith info 125Not RelatedI
N88081[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
2 Jonathan Smith m Mehitable Holdridge.
3 Jacob Smith m Priscilla Rogers.
4 Benjamin Smith Sr. m Elizabeth Stevens,
5 Benjamin Smith Jr. b 1726 in Epping, NH d there 1780; m Apphia Affie Cass of Kensington, NH.
375Not RelatedI
233124[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH  m Susanna Buste
(Skip to descendant) Jonathan b 1789 MA-1860 CAN m2 widow Thirza Tilton Eastman Stryker
2 Charles Finney Smith 1844-1926
3 Adrian Oleo Smith 1880-1944
4 Harold Chambers Smith 1910-1967
375Not RelatedI
022503[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH earliest known ancestor.
2 John Smith b 1804 Waterboro ME m Mary Beal of Limerick ME 27 Jun 1827 in Waterboro. Sons all b in Waterboro: Harrison b 1829; Jackson b 1839; John Jr b 1845; David B b 1846; Lewis Thing b 1848 twin m 1877 Esther Strout Jackson d 1927 Oxford ME; Charles T b 1848 twin d 1883
375Not RelatedI
052774John Smith bc 1802 d 1884 Allegheny Co PA m Sarah Boyd adopted;
2 Samuel Smith bc 1833 PA perhaps Washington Co d 1884 m Martha E Murray. Res Monongahela City, Washington PA. Ancestors said to come from IRE
375Not RelatedI
056052[39]John Smith b 1619 Hertfordshire, ENG d 1684 Milford, New Haven, CT m Grace Hawley in 1642 in Milford CT. 2 John Smith 1646 CT-1732 CT m Phebe Canfield 3 Thomas Smith 1676 CT-1743 CT m Hannah Camp 4 Jabez Smith 1705 CT-1787 CT m Ruth Seymour 5 Abraham Smith 1733 CT-1784 m Mary Baxter 6 Abraham Smith 1754-1825 VT m Sarah Paddock Crane 7 Thaddeus Smith 1788 VT-1875 MN m Rebecca Reed 8 Myron Thaddeus Smith 1820 NY-1908 TX m Harriet Harmer 9 George Eugene Smith 1860 NY-1953 MN m MaryElizabeth Terhurne 10 Dustin Roosevelt Smith 1904 MN-1987 MN m Margaret Ardella Brekke 375Not RelatedI
088811[73]John Smith b 1615 d bef 14 Feb 1670 m Deborah Parkhurst in Watertown Middlesex Co MA.
2 Philip Smith bc 1650 d bef 1713 m Dorcas Stewart.
3 John Smith bc 1685 Edgartown, Dukes, MA d 1728 m c1709 Hannah Pease.
4 Elijah Smith b 1716 Edgartown, Dukes, MA d 1802 m 1739 Bethiah Harlock.
5 Elijah Smith b 1744 Edgartown MA d 1823 m 1) Hannah Mayhew 1768 Chilmark Dukes Co MA; 2) Matilda Mayhew 1791 Edgartown.
6 Mayhew Smith b 1779 Chilmark, Dukes, MA dc 1861 m Sarah ‘Sally’ Cottle 1803 Chilmark.
7 Capt Francis Cottle Smith b 1816 in Chilmark d 1911 New Bedford, Bristol, MA m 1) Abigail Jernegan Ripley 1841 in Chilmark; 2) Angenette Wilcox 1880 in New Bedford.
8 Gilman Brayton Smith b 1854 Edgartown, Dukes, MA d 1928 in Montclair, Essex, NJ m Virginia Noe Crow c1885
375Not RelatedI
096121[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH.
Thomas Smith b 1756 d perhaps VT or CAN m Elizabeth Parcher. Came to Waterbury VT c1790 from Scarborough/Waterboro ME.
2 Eleazer Smith b 1797 VT perhaps in St Albans d 1885 MI m Clarissa Cole in Warwick Ontario in 1825.
3 Nelson Smith b 1844 in Watford Ontario CAN d 1908 MI m Matilda Bell in 1869 in St Clare Co MI.
Eleazer's other sons: Henry, Samuel, Joseph, and George
375Not RelatedI
162983[26]John C Smith bc 1812 Carter or Sullivan co TN m Jincy Taylor.
2 Nathaniel J Smith b 1836 in Sullivan Co TN d 1894 Green Co TN m Margaret E Rogers.
3 Joseph E Smith b 1874 in Sullivan Co TN d 1949 in Leedey OK m Elizabeth J Keller
376Not RelatedI
106262Andrew Smith b 1756 NH  (Londonderry?) came with Loyalists after the Revolution in 1783 to Rusagonis, New Brunswick, CAN. Father might have been Samuel Smith of Dunbarton NH dc 1762376Not RelatedG
112592[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE, prob Templemore Londonderry, d 1768 in New Boston NH. May have been married to a Martha Ukn first, but apparently married Mary Karr c1724 in Chester. Came to America c1718 probably on one of the first 5 ships from Ulster, went to Hampton NH, was one of the earliest settlers of Chester c1720 before he was the first settler of New Boston NH in 1734 before it was platted. Sons: John bc 1726; Samuel bc 1728; Reuben bc 1730; James bc 1732. His family probably came from Argyleshire SCT. Father probably John, mother perhaps a Brown. 376Not RelatedI
120182[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE dc 1768 New Boston, Hillsborough, NH.
Reportedly married 5 times including Martha Karr, Mary __, & Widow McCollum. Among first Scot-Irish settlers in Chester, Rockingham Co, NH by at least 1724. Six known children who lived to adulthood [2 daughters, 4 sons].
376Not RelatedI
130159[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE, prob Templemore Londonderry, d 1768 in New Boston NH. May have been married to a Martha Ukn first, but apparently married Mary Karr c1724 in Chester. Came to America c1718, went to Hampton NH, was one of the earliest settlers of Chester c1720 before he was the first settler of New Boston NH in 1734. Believed to be a survivor of the siege of Londonderry in IRE; emigrated to NH 1719, res Chester. Their sons were Samuel and James 376Not RelatedI
133668[31]Mathis Schmidt/Smith bc 1700 GER d 1753 Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ m Christeen; naturalized in America 1730. Sons:
2 John b 1724d 1774 m Mary Harsell;
2 Lodowick b 1735;
2 Abraham b 1737;
2 Jacob;
2 Mathis
376Not RelatedG
141482Henry Fredrick Schmidt b 1859 Oberzel GER m Barbara Kauhthau b 1862 Oberzel GER whose parents came to Milltown NJ in 1865. Settled in New Brunswick NJ. Sons:
2 Charles who changed the name to Smith & m Anna Lang
3 Daniel, Francis, & Henry
2 Fredrick.
126Not RelatedI
149305William T Smith bc 1785 VA m Rachel Tennis 1803 Monroe, Amherst, VA d aft 1860 Adams Co OH.
2 Squire Smith b 1809 Adams or Brown Co OH d 2 Sep 1890 Winchester, Adams, OH m 1) Nancy Blair 2) Sarah McDaniel.
3 Parmenis Smith b 7 Nov 1841 d 12 Jan 1935 Aurora, Hamilton, NE m Rebecca Jerusha Kay.
4 Robert Ray Smith b 25 Nov 1889 White City, Morris, KS d 12 Apr 1970 OR m 1) Lillie Belle Hull & 2) Ila May Moulton
376Not RelatedG
167126[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE, prob Templemore Londonderry, d 1768 in New Boston NH. May have been married to a Martha Ukn first, but apparently married Mary Karr c1724 in Chester.
2 Samuel Smith bc 1730.
3 James Smith bc 1757 m Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ Mills. Note: James Smith was the brother of Johnson Smith res Chatham Twp Quebec CAN m Martha Mills
4 William Smith bc 1791 VT m Clarissa Smith, dau of Oliver Smith & Rachel Schagel.
5 Rodney Smith bc 1845 Buckingham Twp Quebec CAN m Mary Jane Lonsdale.
6 Perley Smith b 1907 Buckingham Twp Quebec CAN.
376Not RelatedI
153296[26]Pleasant Smith bc 1808 Tuckahoe TN dc 1880 376Not RelatedI
177974David Lloyd Smith b 1932 MA d 1973 in Santa Cruz CA 376Not RelatedI
185786[33]Robert Smith b 1611 Lincolnshire ENG d 1706 NH m Susanna Buste 1636; res Exeter NH 376Not RelatedI
186248[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE, prob Templemore Londonderry, d 1768 in New Boston NH. May have been married to a Martha Ukn first, but apparently married Mary Karr c1724 in Chester.
2 Samuel Smith bc 1730.
3 James Smith bc 1757 m Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ Mills.
4 James Smith Jr bc 1792 VT m Caroline Buck.
5 Alanson E Smith b 1841 Buckingham Twp Quebec m Elizaberth Adams Herbert.
6 Alanson Smith b 1876 Bay Co Michigan m Helen Haakenson
376Not RelatedI
195567Samuel Smith bc 1785 CT d aft 1860 Clinton Co MI m Sarah Miller [d/o-Garret Miller Jr & Mary Smith].
2 Joshua Smith b 1818 NY d 1900 PA m Rhoda Friends.
3 Henry William Smith b 1858 PA d 1940 PA m Viletta White/Wilson.
4 Curtis Smith b 1880 PA d 1957 PA m Cora Belle Little.
5 Clifton Lee Smith b 1900 PA d 1988 m Elsie Weiser.
376Not RelatedI
201477James Smith b SCT d bef 23 Dec 1797 Newport, Nova Scotia.
2 Arichibald Smith b 1768 NS d 1852 m Anne Gilmore.
3 David Smith b 1810 d 1870.
4 Sidney Smith b 1846 d 1895 died at sea under mysterious circumstances.
5 Lester Daniel & Albert Clifford Smith. Albert Clifford was first of the family to move from Nova Scotia to the U.S.-Boston, MA.
6 Melbourne Lester Smith.
256Not RelatedG
262756[26]James Smith bc 1683 Scotland dc 1753 Londonderry NH m Jean
2 William (1715 IRE -1800 NH) m Margaret Duncan
3 Robert (1761 NH-1831 ME) m Hannah Moore
4 Joseph Moore (1818 ME-1883 ME) m Sarah Walker
5 Horace Columbus (1872 ME-1951 ME) m Annie Marion Fairbrother
6 Reuben Fairbrother (1913 ME-2007 FL) m Ada Amelia Lemont
126Not RelatedI
287347[26]Lt. Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster, IRE; d 1768 NH 376Not RelatedI
305809[26]Alexander W Smith b 1814 and d 1877376Not RelatedI
360625[26]Sutherick Weston Smith 1806 NH–1882 ME? m Albina Sawyer 376Not RelatedI
032029[14]John Smith bc 1784 PA. Son Jonathan? m Amy bc 1789 PA 376Not RelatedG
N50038[5]Willis Smith b 1750 IRE d 1782 m Rebecca Ukn c 1770; in Battle of Bunker Hill NC.
Parents George Smith & Rebecca of IRE settled in Edgecombe Co NC c 1750.
Son Millington S Smith b 1773 d 1835 in Johnson Co IL. Moved with his mother to Stewart Co TN m Barbara Barton in 1799
126Not RelatedR
012280[26]John Smith bc 1785 PA d 1830 Knox Co TN. Possible origin ENG or GER376Not RelatedI
022259[30]Jeremiah Smith bc 1822 PA m Margaret Wolfe. Res Lykens, Dauphin, PA. Parents b PA376Not RelatedJ
041799[14]John Smith bc 1784 PA. Son Jonathan? m Amy bc 1789 PA 256Not RelatedG
052221Thomas Jefferson Smith b 1859 Columbus OH d 1901 near Troy KS m Anna L Moser 1884. Moved to KS 1881376Not RelatedI
007588[26]Robert Smith b 1765 PA d 1851 TN m Mary Fraker256Not RelatedI
082869[26]David Henry Smith Sr bc 1880 PA m Lillian T Smith c1910 PA-dau of John Heyward Smith, whose father was Levi Smith.
Both of his parents were born in IRE perhaps Northern IRE.
2 David Henry Smith Jr b 25 Apr 1911 in Narbeth, Montgomery, PA d 19 May 2005 in Wheeling, Ohio, WV.
376Not RelatedI
090255[30]Martin Smith b 26 Jan 1776 PA d 1852 Amanda, Fairfield, OH m Margaret Maria Ukn. Sons:
2 John M b 1800 PA d 1871 OH;
2 Jacob H b 1806 PA d 1859 OH;
2 Martin M Jr b 1807 OH d 1871 Shelby Co IL;
2 William B b 1820 OH d 1864 OH;
Parents may be Martin Schmidt/Smith bc 1734 GER dc 1794 PA & m c1752 GER Maria Weber
376Not RelatedJ
111752John Smith b 1830 Seneca Co OH 377Not RelatedE
124040[48]Enos Smith b 1775 RI d 10 Oct 1860 m Clarissa Jones
2 Harrison Smith b 23 Oct 1824 in Genesee Co NY d 23 Jan 1902 bur Fairfield Center, De Kalb, IN m Elizabeth Roher
3 Edward David Smith b 19 Dec 1862 Corunna IN d 3 Apr 1927 bur Fairfield Center, De Kalb, IN m Adalaide Shade
377Not RelatedI
177106[20]Adopted and raised in a Smith family. Biological father unknown. 377Not RelatedR
127248[46]Michael/Mikel Smith bc 1800 PA m Elizabeth; also spelled Mickael/Mical; res Union Co PA early 1800s; perhaps moved to IL 1840s/1850s; said to be member of Church of the Brethren. 2 John bc1823; d 1895 Downs Osborne KS m 1) Mary Rearick 1844, 2) Bertha Messerly May 1885 KS. Res Fremont, Sandusky, OH 1840s, Stephenson Co IL 1860s, Green Co WI 1870s, Osborne Co KS 1886. 2 Noah Smith b 1824/5 Union Co PA d 1909 m Mary ‘Mollie’ Yarger. Res Stephenson Co IL, by 1850 moved to Osborne Co KS 1880s, IL again by 1890 377Not RelatedG
129754[62]Dr Samuel Smith bc 1755 near Donegal, Co Derry IRE; educated at the University of Edinburgh; m Elizabeth Gordon c1786 in Franklin Co PA. He came to PA with his siblings William, Sarah and Margaret, leaving brothers John and Robert in IRE. Margaret m his wife’s brother, Alexander Gordon in Franklin Co PA 377Not RelatedI
133848[60]Thomas Smith bc 1822 Co Cavan IRE m Maria Louise O’Brien c1852 prob in NY.
2 Andrew Smithb 1855 in NYC m Mary Ann Moody 1883 in Ida Grove IA.
3 Roscoe Smith b1893 Dawson Co MT m Matilda Holdenried
377Not RelatedR
137844[37]Rev Jedediah Smith b 1802 Lyme, New London, CT d 1883 in Deerfield MI m 1) Sally Wilcox in 1824 in Preston Chenango Co NY and 2) Lucy Morgan. Also res Chatauqua NY and Crawford Co PA. His parents may have been Esek Smith & Thankful Thompson.
2 son from the first marriage was Lewis Smith
3 grandson was Ladovia Smith
377Not RelatedI
326026[37]William Smith bc 1730/6 New London, CT dc 1778 Newport, Luzerne, PA
7 Silas Smith b 1761 in Colchester, New London, CT d 1839 in Harlem Twnshp, Delaware, OH
8 Charles Gaylord Smith bc 1811 in Newport, Luzerne, PA
9 Charles Wesley Smith b 1844 in Harlem Twnshp, Delaware, OH d 1923 in Stratton, Kit Carson, CO
10 Elias Rowland Smith b 1876 in Juniata, Adams, NE d 1961 in Stratton, Kit Carson, CO
11 Theodore Rowland Smith b 1904 in Omaha, Douglas, NE d 1975 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO
377Not RelatedI
167063[60]Arthur Lee Smith b 1877 OH d 1965 AR m 1897 Rebecca Moore in Auglaize Co OH 377Not RelatedR
178301[18]Henry George Smith b bef 1843 CAN m Dorothy Whidden.
Henry George Smith-39099>William Henry>William Stanley
377Not RelatedR
186249[67]Nathan Smith bc 1770/80 NJ m Elizabeth b NJ. 2 John Wesley Smith b 1816 in Frankford Sussex Co NJ. 377Not RelatedR
191984[61]no earliest known Smith info 377Not RelatedE
219341Zalmon Smith b 1779 CT m Nancy Hovey
Zalmon Smith-3418>Charles>Andrew>Frank Tracy>Andrew Joseph
377Not RelatedI
292641George Linford Smith bc 1904 dc 1959 377Not RelatedI
285280no earliest known Smith info 377Not RelatedJ
303609Daniel McCay bc 1756 dc 1820 377Not RelatedR
311978no earliest known Smith info 377Not RelatedG
314511no earliest known Smith info377Not RelatedR
A99959[74]Samuel Austin Smith b 1792 Groton, Connecticut 257Not RelatedI
271302[74]John Smith bc 1756 CT d 1833  Marlboro, Vt 377Not RelatedI
329422Albert Frederick Schmidt377Not RelatedE
226345Thomas Smith II, b 1700 Prince William Co., VA377Not RelatedE
N87454no earliest known Smith info 127Not RelatedI
A99961[67]Richard Smith bc 1760 poss. Albany NY d 1835 m Elizabeth Lake b 1777 Rensselaer Co. NY. Came to Canada pre 1787 as a Loyalist
2 Nicholas Smith 1802 Hastings.Ont CAN-1870 m1 Polly Sharpe 2MaryAnn Gilmore
3 Samuel Smith 1844 Durham, Ont CAN-1919 m Sarah Frederick
4 James Albert Smith 1866 Durham,Ont CAN-1933 CAN m Frances McNelly
5 Roland James Smith b 1896 Kent Co.Ont CAN m Mary Louise Steen
377Not RelatedR
A99960[67]Samuel Smith 1772 Albany NY -1842 Erie PA m Phoebe Clement
2 Salmeron Smith 1799 Monroe NY-1873 WI m 1Anna Avery, 2Elizabeth Jones
3 William Salmeron Smith 1826 Chau.Co.NY-1894 IA m Cynthia Smith
4 Walter Clarence Smith 1857 Jackson WI-1931 IA m Isabel Powell
5 Harry Boyd Smith 1886 Tama IA-1955 IA m Helen Lucille Deming
6 Deming Smith 1920 Tama Co.IA-1996 SD m Charline May Saggau
377Not RelatedR
029056[37]David Smith b 1748 d 1811 m Betsy prob Stark. Bur West Pittston Lucerne Co PA in Jenkins-Harding Cem.
Sons: Shubael Smith b 1775 CT or PA in Ontario Co NY by 1795; m Ann. Also David, Nathan, James & Charles.
Son David Sr m 2 widow Lucy Gore Murphy with 3 children. They were with the ill-fated Susquehanna Company in PA. In 1778 Indians burned their house down & took Shubael. David Jr & another child Nancy escaped to the woods & returned 2 weeks later
377Not RelatedI
032547[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718 d 1791 m Christiana Harshall. Later called John Smith. Res Pleasant Run Hunterdon NJ377Not RelatedG
071060William Smith bc 1667 NJ d 1744 res Cape May, NJ377Not RelatedI
071173[74]John Smith b 1756 CT possibly Groton d 1833 Marlboro or Halifax, Windham, VT m Lucy Rowe 1778 Suffield CT. Res Granby CT 1779-1782. 2 Children b Granby Clarissa & Rowe.
Res Marlboro VT 1782-death. 5 children b Marlboro John Kinnon, Lucy, Abigail, Laura, Orinda
377Not RelatedI
078385[26]Lt Thomas Smith bc 1688 Ulster IRE, prob Templemore Londonderry, d 1768 in New Boston NH. May have been married to a Martha Ukn first, but apparently married Mary Karr c1724 in Chester. Came to America c1718, went to Hampton NH, was one of the earliest settlers of Chester c1720 before he was the first settler of New Boston NH in 1734. Four sons:
2 John bc 1726
2 Samuel bc 1728
2 Reuben bc 1730
2 James bc 1732
His family probably came from Argyleshire SCT. Father probably John; mother perhaps a Brown
377Not RelatedI
085013James Webster Smith b 1834 Longford IRE  1929 Waterbury CT m Catherine Scully b 1834 Roscrea IRE dc 1930 Waterbury. Both arr in USA 1853 m 1862; res Fordham, Bronx, Westchester, NY 1853-70; Haddam Beaver Meadow CT 1870-89; Waterbury CT 1889-1930. Sons: James E, William T, John W377Not RelatedR
088017[46]Daniel Smith b 1803 OH d 15 Oct 1885 Guthrie Co IA m Nancy Henderson 1 Jan 1828 in Pike Co OH. Family in Indiana by 1840; moved to Bloomington Twp Muscatine IA c1840/41. Sons:
2 William b 1828 Ross Co OH
2 Henry bc 1835 IN
2 Charles b 1842 IA.
377Not RelatedG
089987[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718-1791 & Christeen/Christianna Harshall
2 Andreas/Andrew Smith bc 1762 Lebanon , Readington Twp, Hunterdon, NJ d 1825 Mansfield Twp Warren Co NJ m 1) 1782 Elizabeth Smith; 2) 1789 Christina/Catharine/Catherine Ammerman in New Germantown, Oldwick, NJ. 1st marriage:
3 Johannes Smith b 1783.
2nd marriage three sons:
3 Andrew b 1790 d 1855;
3 Isaac b 1791;
3 Philip b 1800.
377Not RelatedG
097285[31]Johannes Schmidt 1718-1791 & Christeen/Christianna Harshall
2John Smith b 1757
3 Tunis Smith & Elizabeth Severs widow of John Sheats.
4 Tunis Smith Sheats b 1832 NJ
377Not RelatedG
100633[35]Andrew Smith bc 1652 ENG d 1704 Hopewell NJ. Likely 1st wife Sarah Foster; 2nd wife Olive Ukn. Prob Sarah was mother of son Thomas b 20 Nov 1677 d aft 1749/52 Anson Co NC m Rebecca Anderson c1720 Hopewell NJ. Olive was mother of son Andrew Jr who remained in NJ. Also there were 4 daughters. Descent is through Andrew Jr 378Not RelatedQ
N44954Edward Smith bc 1755 Eng m Martha Beavis. Res Lyndhurst, Hampshire/Hantshire, Eng. 2 John Smith b 1783 Lyndhurst m Mary Carter. 3 John Smith Jr b 1815 Lyndhurst m Margaret Duguid Forrest. 4 Alfred William Smith b 1866 in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey emigrated to New York City in 1893 & changed his children’s names to Scott-Smith. 378Not RelatedR
111578[18]Christopher Smith c1592-1676 Newport RI m Alice
RI Christopher Smith-27264>Edward>Thomas>John>John>Solomon>David>Darius>Edwin>Chester>William Bradford
378Not RelatedR
113306[5]John Smith b 1745 d 1835 Manchester, Bennington, VT m Mary Bull who was b Dutchess Co NY in 1748 258Not RelatedR
119352[35]Andrew Smith bc 1652 ENG d 1704 Hopewell NJ  378Not RelatedQ
120819Daniel Smith b 1788 d 1865 York Co PA m Esther Schmuck on 6 Apr 1813 in York Co PA. Sons:
2 Jacob b 1814 d 1887;
2 Henry bc 1818;
2 Michael b 1821 d 1892;
2 William H b 1822 d 1899;
2 John b 1824;
2 Daniel b 1825;
2 Samuel b 1831 d 1892
378Not RelatedR
128922Johan Michael Schmidt bc 1746/50 Alsace FR/GER immigrated c1760; later known as Michael Smith; d 1815 Frederick Co MD; believed to have arrived in PA. 1st wife Maria/Mary Elisabeth Ukn. Son: Johan Michael bc 1774; 2nd wife her 2nd marriage also Catharina Derr. Sons: Jacob M b 1796; & Andreas/Andrew Derr b 1798. 3rd wife Veronica Ukn 378Not RelatedR
133242[18]Joseph-4 Bros-Smith m Lydia Huit. BC 1631 ENG d Jan 1690 Hartford CT
Joseph Smith-1807>Joseph>Joseph>Reuben>Jonathan>Chauncey>Chauncey>Josiah Beckwith>Elmer Pomeroy
378Not RelatedR
134746[10]William Smith bc 1613 ENG d 1654 a London tailor m Ann settled in Charlestown MA before 1637.
2 Samuel 1670-1747 m Abigail Emerson
3 Samuel 1696 MA – 1781 NH m 2) Hannah Page
4 Nathaniel b 1738 MA m Lydia Page 1761
5 Jacob 1770 NH – 1859 OH m Hannah Mary Aken
6 Nathaniel b CAN d bef 1849 OH m Mary? Clarissa
7 Peter Smith b 1829 CAN d 1905 IA m Lavina Smith.
8 Bertrum Young Smith b 1871 IA d 1946 OK m Harriette Elizabeth Robbins.
9 Phillip Louis Smith b 1912 OK d 1997 OK m Emma Myrtle DeHaas
378Not RelatedR
134886[27]Christopher Smith bc 1615 Devon ENG m Mary Martha Fairbanks, widow of Michael Metcalf, on 2 Aug 1654 in Dedham MA; d 7 Nov 1676 in Dedham MA.
2 John Smith b 1655 MA d 1722 MA m Abigail Day.
3 John Smith b 1680 d 1752 m Mary Acorrs/Akers.
4 Abijah Smithb 1727 MA m Mary Blanchard.
5 Daniel Smith b 1756 CT d 1843 Onondaga Co NY m Elizabeth Russ.
6 Lemuel Smith b 1784 MA d 1856 OH m 1) Cynthia Lamberton.
7 Orin Smith b 1809 MA d 1881 OH m Hannah Elizabeth Seeley.
8 Sylvester Sidney Smith b 1845 OH d 1929 Sylvania Co OH m Hattie I Mason
378Not RelatedR
135295Ralph Smith 1610-1685 Eastham, MA & Elizabeth Hobart; m Grace Hatch. Arr 1633 Hingham MA.
2 Thomas Smith & Mary Vickery Hinson Mayo
3 Ralph Smith & Mary Mayo
4 Thomas Smith & Ruth Mayo
5 Enoch Smith & Lydia Crocker
6 Joseph Crocker Smith & Laura Arnold
7 Julius Thomas Smith & Margaret Hill
8 Winchester Ralph Smith & Annabel Dunn
Not genetically related to the other Group 8 men.
378Not RelatedR
138195[18]Christopher Smith c1592-1676 Newport RI m Alice
RI Christopher Smith-27264>Benjamin>Benjamin>Stephen>Simeon>Simeon>Simeon Alexander>Redden>Redden>Redden
378Not RelatedR
139400William H Smith b 1827 ENG m Mary J poss Jacobson. Res Madison Co IA in 1880 census.
2 George Z b in OH
378Not RelatedR
143486[5]George Smith b 1618 ENG d 1662 West Haven, New Haven, CT m 1) unknown bef 1634, 2 Elizabeth abt 1641, 3 Sarah aft 1656 378Not RelatedR
145003[42]Surname Fyle378Not RelatedE
147878[5]Conrad Smith b May 1802 NY m Mary ‘Polly’ Ukn.
2 Elijah R Smith b 17 Sep 1835 NY d 9 Dec 1906 Matteson Branch Co MI m Avisa Louisa Filkins. Sons of Elijah & Avisa: Charles R b 1865, Frank B b 1871, Elmer J b 1874, Jessie E b 1876, Claude N b 1878, & Lawrence Luther b 1884
378Not RelatedR
148054[18]William-4 Bros-Smith m Elizabeth Standley. BC 1615 Cheshire, ENG dc 1670 Farmington, Hartford, CT
William Smith-2055>SamuelThomas>Steele>Samuel>Samuel Newell>Samuel Hart>James Hart>Sanford James
378Not RelatedR
148280[18]Simon-4 Bros-Smith bc 1619 ENG d 1688 CT m  Elizabeth Bateman
Simon Smith-2080>Benjamin>Joseph>Joshua>Joseph Vernon>Joseph Vernon>Jarvis Vernon>Jasper Andrew>Philip Jared
378Not RelatedR
152948Michael Schmid b Lautheim Württemberg GER m Anna Maria Schleicher d 1767
2 Johann Michael Schmid b 21 Jul 1747 in Sontheim Heidenheim Baden-Württemberg GER d 31 Aug 1824 in Steinheim am Albuch Heidenheim Baden-Württemberg GER m 1780 Maria Catharina Kimmel in Steinheim am Albuch. 3 Christian b 1784 d 1791. 3 Johann Michael b 1790 d 1863. This family came to Berks Co and Schuylkill Co PA
378Not RelatedR
154267[18]William Smith b 1800 RI d 25 Mar 1875 CT m Waity Hopkins c1825.
William Smith-39172>Jared Nathaniel>Jonathan Hill
258Not RelatedR
154773John Fidler m Hannah Smith NJ dau of Andrew Smith of Hopewell NJ. She was alive in 1702 may have d by 1703/4. John Fidler received a legacy from Andrew Smith. 2 Child probably named John Smith was probably raised in household of Hannah’s older brother Thomas Smith. 378Not RelatedR
154783[10]William Smith bc 1613 ENG d 1654 a London tailor m Ann settled in Charlestown MA before 1637.
Line continues to Jesse Smith b 1792 Raymond NH. Son of Ezekiel Smith & Elizabeth Dolloff, m Emily Dix. Res Ellicot later Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY in 1840; Bloomfield, Crawford, PA in 1850; Harmony, Chautauqua, NY in 1860 & 1870
378Not RelatedR
158030[5]George Smith b 1725/30 dc 1800 in Edgecombe Co NC m Rebecca.
2 Willis Smith2 b bef 1740 d 1 Aug 1782 Halifax NC Revo War, DAR Ancestor #A106175.
3 Millington Smith3 b 1760 d 1835 Johnson Co IL. Cardwell Breathett Richard Smith b 1806 d bef 1900 Polk Co AR.
4 Andrew Jackson Smith 5 b 1836 d 1880/1900 prob Johnson Co TX.
5 William Henry Smith6 b 1867 d 1946 Johnson Co TX.
6 Leland D Smith Sr7 b 1905 Palestine, Anderson, TX d 1982 Navasota TX.
7 Leland D Smith Jr b 1931 Houston TX d 2004 Gainesville GA
378Not RelatedR
158249[5]Eber Smith b 1792 NY.
2 Alonzo E Smith b 1817 Burlington VT.
3 Francis R Smith b 1851 Madrid NY.
4 Roland F Smith b 1892 WI.
378Not RelatedR
159375[59]John Smith d 1684 res Bedford Kings, NY. Sons Thomas & Jasper.
2 Jasper Smith bc 1680 d 1770 Maidenhead, Hunterdon, NJ.
3 John b by 1699 d 1779.
3 Jasper Jr b 1701 d 19 Sep 1754.
3 Thomas b by 1703 d aft 1769.
3 Samuel b by 1705 d aft 1769.
3 Ralph b by 1707 d Jul 1784.
3 Joshua bap 1714 d Nov 1784 in Oxford, Sussex, NJ; m Keziah Pelton.
4 Obadiah b 1765 d 1827 m Elizabeth Towne.
5 John T Smith b 1810 d 1865 in Covert, Seneca, NY m 1) Emeline Cole; 2 Margaret Gilmore.
6 Herman Towne Smith b 1864 of 2nd marriage d 1944 m Eva Taylor; res Covert, Seneca, NY
378Not RelatedR
162942[5]John Smith ___ENG–1669 MA m Mary ___ d 1659
John Smith-70371>Richard>Francis>Benjamin>Nathan>Simon>Nathan>Seth>Frank Winslow>Norman Taylor
378Not RelatedR
164757[56]Jacob B Smith bc 1770 VA m Mary Shockey on 15 Jul 1796 in Montgomery Co VA. Believed to connect to Smiths from New York
Descended from Jacob’s son Henry and Henry’s son William Believed to connect with Smiths from New York
378Not RelatedE
168999[5]Eber Smith b 1792 NY.
2 Alonzo Elisha Smith b 1817 Burlington VT.
3 Oscar Frederick Smith;
4 Henry Harrison Smith;
5 Eldred Buel Smith.
378Not RelatedR
171136Thomas Smith b bef 1735 NJ.
2 Elijah Smith b 1755 NJ d IL; had his last child in 1833 when he was 83 years old.
3 Elisha Smith b 1804 VA.
4 Adam G Smith b 1833 in Hendricks Co IN.
5 Raphael M Smith b 1868 in Wallace IN
378Not RelatedR
172697David Smith b 8 APR 1822 OH d 1899 Anderson Co KS while visiting son; m 1846 Elizabeth Baughman in Fulton Co IL. Moved to IN as a child, res Bates Co MO from 1860s to death. His obit states his parents were from VA. Sons:
2 John James b 1846 d Macon Co MO 1917.
2 William A b 1850 Des Moines IA not known if Des Moines Co or Des Moines Polk Co d 1948 Barnsdall, Osage, OK.
2 Jacob H b 1851 Fiatt, IL; res Bates Co MO Fulton & Warren Co IL d 1934 Canton, Fulton, IL.
2 Gideon Wellington b 1857 d 1908 Bates Co MO.
2 David Jasper b 1861 d 1957 Bates Co MO
378Not RelatedR
176808Lazarus Smith bc 1774 Chowan Co NC dc 1834 Pitt Co SC.
Believed to be the son of a Joseph Smith or John Smith who came to Chowan Co NC from Massachusetts
378Not RelatedR
177450Ralph Smith b NY; moved to Rochester, Fulton, IN 378Not RelatedR
180158Homer Smith NJ Supreme Court Justice in the late 1800s 378Not RelatedR
181579[5]General Washington Smith b 1784 NC m 1) Margaret White, 2) Laney Wiggins. Sons from his 2nd m were:
2 Archibald b 1833 m Mary Ann Hatcher; 2 Sampson b 1835 listed on the 1850 census of Wayne County, GA.
General may have been related to Baxter Smith and a Williford Smith, as they are both in Marlboro, SC and GA with him. General also witnesses a deed by Baxter and Williford Smith in Lincoln & Liberty Co. GA.
Since General was born in NC and matches DNA from George b 1725 IRE and living in NC.... George may be General's father or Grandfather.
378Not RelatedR
183390[59]William Smith d 1820 Hector Sussex, NY m Catherine Leonard. Sons:
2 John b 1820.
2 Abram b 1818 m Minas Almira Nicholson, res Hornellsville, Steuben, NY. Sons:
3 Ira b 1843.
3 George b 1845.
3 Alonzo b 1848.
3 Thaddeus b 1861.
3 Hobart Clinton b 1859 m Hannah Belle Leonard in 1883 Almond NY.
4 Frank Hobart b 1897 m Charlotte Bossard.
5 Ernest b 1920
258Not RelatedR
195671[68]John Smith possibly s/o Malcolm of SCT bc 1700 Knapdale, Argyll, SCT d 1749 Cumberland Co. NC m Margaret Gilchrist
2 Malcolm Smith bc1718 SCT d 1778 Juniper Creek,Cumberland NC m Margaret ?Sarah Peterson
3 Malcolm Smith b 1760 NC d 1827 TN m Elizabeth Grinad
4 Abraham Abel Smith b 1806 TN d 1889
5 Thomas Jefferson Smith b 1845 d 1914
6 Luther Smith b 1866 d 1943
7 Herlin Johnson Smith b 1904 d 1962
8 Johnson Junior Smith b 1927 d 2005 OH
378Not RelatedR
201341no earliest known Smith info 378Not RelatedR
202004Ephraim Smith m Mary Weaver NY
2 William C. Smith m Clarissa Weaver, NY;
3 William Lester Smith m Thomima Hewison Rendall, NY;
4 Claude Harris Smith m Anna Gertrude Pletcher, NE;
5 Gordon Randall Smith
378Not RelatedR
207677[42]John Smith b 1801 Broome Co NY d 1874 Painted Post Steuben Co NY m Clarissa Fitch of Chenango Co NY. 378Not RelatedE
255099Benjamin Smith 1753 Taunton, MA-1832, Westminster, VT m Sarah Paul
2 Asaph Smith 1781, Westminster, VT-1848, Novi Twp., MI m Mary Wells
3 Benjamin Paul Smith 1816, Westminster, VT-1884, Novi Twp., MI m Jane E. Rodgers
4 Albert Brayton Smith 1849, Novi Twp., MI-1925, Novi Twp., MI m Hannah Mathew Hammond
5 Fred Elmer Smith 1891, Novi Twp., MI-1949, Novi Twp., MI m Ethel Ritchey
378Not RelatedR
231915William T Smith b 1809 TN378Not RelatedE
269516[18]Simon-4 Bros-Smith bc 1619 ENG d 1688 CT m Elizabeth Bateman
Simon Smith-2080>Simon>David>James>James>James>George>Freeman>Lisle Vernon>Vernon Daniel
378Not RelatedR
016458James M Smith c1796 NC dc 1873 Bell Co, TX + 1) Sarah M. (Jenkins?)
2 Jesse Richard Smith 1820 AL-1905 NM + Elizabeth Mary Harrison
3 Benjamin Benton Smith 1867 TX-1939 NM + LucretiaAnn ‘Crishy’ Gililland
4 Alvy Ray Smith 1894 NM -1964 CO + Sina Maudie McKindrey
378Not RelatedR
265646[16]Michael Smith bc 1795 Ireland (Cavan?) m Susanne
2 Patrick Smith b 1824 Ireland (Cavan?) d Taunton, MA m Roseanna Leddy 1848 in Taunton
3 Michael Francis Smith 1849 Taunton, MA - 1911 Taunton, MA m Mary E. Dennen
4 John Patrick Smith 1876 Taunton, MA - 1942 Milton, MA m Madeline Margaret Mary Maher
5 Francis Maher John Smith 1910 Taunton MA - 1972 Arlington MA m Marjorie Rita Shaw
378Not RelatedR
B03602[18]William-4 Bros-Smith m Elizabeth Standley. BC 1615 Cheshire, ENG dc 1670 Farmington, Hartford, CT
William Smith-2055>Samuel>Thomas>Steele>Asahel>Curtis>Hosea Eugene>Melvin Bruce
378Not RelatedR
286073no earliest known Smith info 378Not RelatedI
300102[5]John Smith ___ENG–1669 MA m Mary ___ d 1659
John Smith-70371>John>James>James>Azariah>David>Azariah>Sardis>Ebenezer>Franklin>Raymond
378Not RelatedR
302972no earliest known Smith info 128Not RelatedR
288545[5]Stephen Smith bc 1790 PA dc 1864 Pickens, SC m Betsey Gragg
2. Reuben S. Smith bc 1814 Greene Cty, TN dc 1903 Pickens, SC m Frances E. Holliday
378Not RelatedR
256184[18]Eldad Smith c1740 -1805 CT m Sarah Easton & Hannah Case
Eldad Smith-39089>Shubael>Orin Henry>James Garfield>James Edward
378Not RelatedR
174603John Smith bc 1800 dc 1865378Not RelatedJ
315620William Clarke Smith 1926-2008378Not RelatedR
198686[18]Daniel B Smith b 1777 RI d 1849 West Fairlee VT m Lucinda Tufts.
Daniel Smith-39085>Nathan>Carlos William>Monroe William
378Not RelatedR
336726no earliest known Smith info 378Not RelatedR
318251no earliest known Smith info 378Not RelatedE
343506[18]Christopher Smith c1592-1676 Newport RI m Alice
RI Christopher Smith-27264>Edward>Christopher>Christopher>Gideon>Gideon>Jonathan>Nelson Gideon>Millage Wilmot
378Not RelatedR
346482[18]Joseph-4 Bros-Smith  bc 1631 ENG d Jan 1690 Hartford CT, m Lydia Huit
Joseph Smith-1807>Nathaniel>Gideon>Gideon>Aaron>Moses>Erasmus Darwin>Erasmus Darwin>Alan Erasmus
378Not RelatedR
A99970James F Smith Sr bc 1790 d PA.
2 James F Smith Jr bc 1812 Philadelphia PA d 29 Feb 1884 Philadelphia.
3 William D Smith b Jan 1857 Philadelphia PA d 1915.
4 William Crombie Smith b 22 Apr 1886 PA d 1925.
5 James Carroll Smith b 1 Jan 1922 Philadelphia PA d 20 Nov 1982 Malvern, Chester, PA.
258Not RelatedR
A99988[42]Johann Heinrich Schmidt b 1656 Kallstadt, Neustadt GER-dc1740 Greene Co, NY m Anna Catherine? Elizabeth __ widow Lehman
2 Johann George Schmidt c1697 GER-1743 Greene Co, NY m Catharina Haas
3 Johann Heinrich Schmidt 1726 NY-1803 NY m Christina May
4 Balthasar Smith 1757 NY-p1810 m Christina Steenberg
5 Peter P Smith 1784 NY-__ m Elizabeth Kuhl
6 Aaron Smith 1819-1899 m 1Elizabeth Snell; 2Delia Smith
7 Stephen Aaron Smith 1857-1915 m Elizabeth Gray
8 Clarence Aaron Smith 1876-1938 mGrace Myrtle Yanney
9 Cecil Yanney Smith 1913-1969 m Helen Marie VanPatten
258Not RelatedE
N19630John F Smith/Schmitt 128Not RelatedR
N24816Christian Smith bc 1773 PA d 1855 Nashville, Holmes, OH m Elizabeth Young 15 Feb 1799 Frederick Co VA. 2 Isaac Smith b 1814 VA d 1892 Nashville, Holmes, OH m 1) Sarah Hoyer; m 2) Sarah Fortney c1842, widow of Henry Wachtel 128Not RelatedR
N29145[18]William-4 Bros-Smith m Elizabeth Standley. BC 1615 Cheshire, ENG dc 1670 Farmington, Hartford, CT
William Smith-2055>Jonathan>Jonathan>Jonathan>Jonathan>Jonathan>Albert>William Henry>Louis Henry>Leroy Edgar
378Not RelatedR
N52624[27]Christopher Smith bc 1615 Devon ENG m Mary Martha Fairbanks, widow of Michael Metcalf, on 2 Aug 1654 in Dedham MA; d 7 Nov 1676 in Dedham MA.
2 John Smith b 19 Nov 1655 Dedham d 1722 in Needham m 21 Dec 1677 Abigail Day
128Not RelatedR
N74787[18]Joseph-4 Bros-Smith m Lydia Huit. BC 1631 ENG d Jan 1690 Hartford CT
Joseph Smith-1807>Joseph>John>Joseph>Eli>John Rockwell>John Rockwell>Rockwell Emerson
128Not RelatedR
N85813no earliest known Smith info 128Not RelatedR
031117[5]John Smith ___ENG–1669 MA m Mary ___ d 1659
John Smith-70371>John>Thomas>Henry>Thomas>Blodget>Nathan>Henry V>Henry Alva>Alva Edward Sr. & Jr.
378Not RelatedR
N105319Issac Smith b 1791 d 1863 378Not RelatedR
230512[41]David Smith 1749 prob PA - 1823 KY m Ellen
2 Robert C. Smith 1772 PA-1861 IL m Elizabeth Neville
3 Robert N. Smith 1818 KY-1886 IL m Sarah Craig
4 John Thomas Smith 1844 IL-1924 OK m Sarah Jane Billings
5 Homer Preston Smith 1884 KS-1960 MO m Anna Pearl Duff
378Not RelatedE
232155[18]Eldad Smith c1740 -1805 CT m Sarah Easton & Hannah Case
Eldad Smith-39089>Seth>Augustus William>Augustus Ledyard>Franklin Taylor>Augustus Ledyard
378Not RelatedR
181844Tennessee Smith 378Not RelatedI
252361Henry C Smith b 1922 d 2002 378Not RelatedR
010480[18]Joel Smith bc 1756 CT d 1813 East Poultney, Rutland, VT m Lois Stevens 1760-1841 in Canaan/New Canaan CT.
Line: [18]Joel Smith bc 1756 CT d 1813 East Poultney, Rutland, VT m Lois Stevens 1760-1841 in Canaan/New Canaan CT.
Joel Smith-339109>Warren>Henry>Ethan Allan>Calvin>Lloyd George Sr. & Jr.
378Not RelatedR
015436[6]Jonathan Smith b 1795 NY d 1876 NY m Catherine Laskey/Jordon; res New York City. ENG ancestry
2Henry Smith c1834 NY -1900 NY m Catherine Wynn
3Jonathan Smith b 1858 NY
4Henry Smith b 1895 NY
2 Stephen m Mary Ann Hedge
3 Sons: Stephen, Isaac, & Jonathan
378Not RelatedR
017153[35]Smith ancestor of adopted person378Not RelatedQ
026779Johannes Smith bc 1785 Alsace FRA; res Erie Co NY 1831378Not RelatedE
028922William Lance Smith bc 1841 NY d aft 1910 m Mary E Blovett or Hess c1862 in Ulster NY or Lycoming Co PA, moved to PA 1867/1870. Parents perhaps Samuel and Sarah Blovet Smith258Not RelatedR
030884[19]Abraham Schmidt 1731 GER-1785 PA m Anna M. Altemous
2 John 1758-1838 PA m Maria Bachs/Box
3 John 1786 PA-1860 OH m Mary Unk & Elizabeth Bernhardt
4 Harmon Smith c1816 NJ-1855 IL m Jane Wilgus
5 Philip M Smith 1852 OH-1926
6 Hutson Sterling Smith Oct 1874-Jul 1947
7 Paul Frederick Smith Mar 1895-Jun 1953
8 Paul Richard Smith Feb 1918-Nov 1957
378Not RelatedR
032919Levi Smith b 1835 CAN perhaps d bef 1870 Mt Holly, Rutland, VT m Mary A. Perhaps adopted son of Daniel William Smith378Not RelatedR
035936John Mears Smith b 1859 Burslem, Wolstanton, Staffordshire ENG d 1937 in East Liverpool, Columbiana, OH m Mary Burford128Not RelatedR
036678[10]William Smith bc 1613 ENG d 1654 a London tailor m Ann settled in Charlestown MA before 1637.
2 Nathaniel Smith b 1640 of Haverhill MA d 1692 MA m Elizabeth Ladd of Salisbury MA. 3 Samuel C Smith b 15 Jul 1792 in Dracut, Middlesex, MA birth record dc 1869 in Montville, New London, CT m Sarah ‘Sally’ Latham. Sons: Samuel Prentice, Denison B, Thomas P all 3 captains. .
Denison B Smith b 23 Sep 23 1818 in Groton, New London, CT d 13 Apr 1862 in Clinton, Middlesex, CT m Eliza B Woodbridge. 8 children
378Not RelatedR
036846[18]Timothy Smith bc 1758 poss CT dc 1821 VT m Lydia Owen in Tinmouth, Rutland, VT. Served in Revo War from CT; had brother Jonathan.
Timothy Smith-39168>Selden>William>Edson>Harold
378Not RelatedR
041430[6]William Smith of NY &  Augusta Bennet
2 William H Smith b 1877 Newark NJ d 1940.
378Not RelatedR
047364[16]Philip Smith bc 1790 IRE m Margarett Ukn.
2 John Smith bc 1826 NH m Mary Ukn.
3 Philip Charles Smith3 b Sep 1852 Manchester, Hillsborough, NH then NYC.
4 Philip Charles Smith b Sept 13 1895 of 2nd marriage to Jennie. Sr’s first marriage was to Lizzie
378Not RelatedR
049784[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton, Bristol, MA m Mary Bundy 378Not RelatedI
050864[13]John Smith bc 1767 ENG dc 1849 Loyalhannah, Westmoreland, PA m Catharine ‘Katy’ Gooden b 1777 PA.
2 Benjamin b 1818 PA d 1864 Brown Co IN m Jane Stitt
378Not RelatedR
051022[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton, Bristol, MA m Mary Bundy . Res in Taunton, Bristol, MA.
Descent through John Marshall Smith b 1838 NH d 1931 in Burke Caledonia Co VT
378Not RelatedI
051743[41]Robert Smith b 25 Dec 1778 Londonderry, Co Derry, N IRE d 16 Mar 1881 Scrubgrass Twp, Venango, PA m c1816 to Martha Eakin, dau of John Eakin & Margaret Poston in Londonderry N IRE.
Sons: Robert Black, William M, John Eakin, David G
378Not RelatedE
054559[2]George Smith b 1715 Taunton?, Bristol, MA m Lydia Reed b in 1720 in Braintree MA. Descendants moved to Onondaga Co NY, MI, NH, VT378Not RelatedI
057120William Smith b 1837 OH m Ann E b KY c1843. 6 Children all born in KY. Parents born in PA258Not RelatedI
059663[13]John Smith bc 1767 ENG dc 1849 Loyalhannah, Westmoreland, PA m Catharine ‘Katy’ Gooden b 1777 PA.
2 Benjamin b 1818 PA d 1864 IN m Jane Stitt
378Not RelatedR
060354William Smith b 1801 SCT d 1875 Sherbrooke Quebec CAN m Mary King b 1811. Sons b Sherbrooke: David William 1849-1916; John F 1851-1935378Not RelatedI
061202[27]Allen Smith b 1787 d 1878 prob in Newmarket, Rockingham, NH m Deborah Jones.
2 Charles J Smith b 1826 d 1912 m Sarah Hicks.
3 Charles E Smith m Nancy Ford.
4 Howard Smith m Dora B M Gray
378Not RelatedR
061662[16]John J Smith b 1882 NY m Helen res Corinth Saratoga NY in 1910 census.
2 William F b 1909 d 1988 near Buffalo NY.
John J Smith’s father may have come from IRE
378Not RelatedR
066035John Smith b bef 1738 ENG. Son John b 1758 Needham, Norfolk, MA m Sarah Mastick in 1770 MA. Moved to Grafton, Wyndham, VT in 1771 d 1838
Sons b in Grafton: John HM, Nahum, Walter, Joseph, David, Elijah, Nathun
378Not RelatedI
066680[19]Abraham Schmidt 1731 GER-1785 PA m Anna M. Altemous
2 Isaac Smith 1765–p1824 PA m Elizabeth Bachs/Box
3 Jonas Smith 1801-1885 PA m Sarah George
4 William 1828-1892 PA m Amanda Gruber/Grover
5 William Franklin 1858-1944 PA m Delila Catherine Altemus
6 Rufus Emory 1888-1934 PA m Esther Helen Hittner
378Not RelatedR
067260[18]William Smith b 1800 RI d 25 Mar 1875 CT m Waity Hopkins c1825.
William Smith-39172>Jared Nathaniel>Jonathan Hill>Ray Edwin>Carl Edwin
378Not RelatedR
068566[10]William Smith bc 1613 ENG d 1654, a London tailor & wife Ann settled in Charlestown MA before 1637.
2 Nathaniel Smith b 1640 of Haverhill MA d 1692 MA m Elizabeth Ladd of Salisbury MA
378Not RelatedR
068590James Smith bc 1853/6 IRE or CAN or ENG d 1916 in Titusville, Crawford,PA m 1) Margaret E Rupersburg; 2) Rachel Malissa Looney in Jamestown NY in 1901.
Res 1880 Titusville w sons: John J, George E by 1st wife; David Ellis Elmer C by 2nd wife.
Father of James said to be John Smith. James perhaps adopted by a Quinn family
378Not RelatedE
013025[1]Lt Samuel Smith b 1602 Hadleigh Suffolk, ENG m Elizabeth Smith d 1680 Hadley, Hampshire, MA. Descendants in East Hartford CT; & Peterboro & New Haven NY 378Not RelatedR
074482[35]Andrew Smith bc 1652 ENG. Came to NJ Colony in 1677 from Burton, West Riding, Yorkshire, ENG where his family had lived since at least 1400. His wife was pregnant during the voyage and gave birth to Thomas Smith in 1677 in Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon, NJ Colony. Descended from William Smythe bc 1405 Calverley ENG378Not RelatedQ
074811[1]Aaron Smith b 1760 Hadley MA d 1838 Racine WI m Sylva Lydia Bass.
2 Aaron Jr b 1797/8 MA or VT d 1867 Elkhorn WI m Nancy Helmich/Helmick
378Not RelatedR
075877William Smith bc 1830 Newfoundland CAN m Mary Crowley.
2 George Smith b 1864 Newfoundland CAN m Johannah Mountain in St John’s, Newfoundland 1886. 3 Children
3 Edward J 1897 NH m Stella Marcy in MA res MA
378Not RelatedE
079078William Smith bc 1752 Castle William or Castle Island, Boston Harbor MA d Rockport MA 1818 m Lydia Houston 1775. Many of their children resided in the Cape Ann region of MA 378Not RelatedR
081013[2]Nathan Smith b 1838 OH d bef 1900 m Mary Ann Harris b in TX on 4 Apr 1845. Res Calcasieu Parish LA in 1850. Mary Ann d 5 Jan 1945 in Harris Co TX 378Not RelatedI
081214[5]Alfred Peck b 1815 Putnam or Dutchess Co NY d 1883 in Millerton, Dutchess, NY. May be Smith descendant378Not RelatedR
082538Daniel Harvey Smith bc 1800 VT m Charlotte Bowman 13 Nov 1825 Westborough MA. Daniel may have been a son of Ashel Smith of VT. Sons:
2 Ashel Reed b 1828,
2 Henry Hall b 1836 GA,
2 Ira Foster b 1840 in Raleigh MS,
2 William Adolphias b 1843 perhaps GA
378Not RelatedR
082788Thomas Smith b 1774 PA d 1865/6 Carnesville GA 2 Madison Smith b 1822 GA or SC dp 1883 near Walton Co., GA m 1843 GA to Caroline Patton378Not RelatedR
083239Samuel Isaiah Smith b 1919 Aiken Aiken Co SC d 7 Feb 1960 in New York City NY m Willie Ann Viola Thomas 11 May 1941.
Brothers: Henry, Pierce, Elliott, Seymour
378Not RelatedR
085023[18]Christopher Smith c1592-1676 Newport RI m Alice
RI Christopher Smith-27264>Edward>Thomas>John>John>Solomon>David>Darius>Edwin>Chester>William Bradford
378Not RelatedR
085263[27]Christopher Smith bc 1615 Devon ENG m Mary Martha Fairbanks, widow of Michael Metcalf, on 2 Aug 1654 in Dedham MA; d 7 Nov 1676 in Dedham MA.
2 John b 18 Nov 1655 Dedham d 1722 in Needham m Abigail Day 21 Dec 1677.
3 Caleb 1718-1797 of Danby VT
378Not RelatedR
008588William Smith b bef 1850 VA d 1878 Jackson Co IN m Jane/Jennie/Elizabeth Davis 1870, Bartholomew Co IN
Son Jacob Oliver Smith ‘Steve’ b 1878 Cortland Jackson Co IN m 1878 Susan Gearhart, Bartholomew Co IN
378Not RelatedR
086179Ralph Smith 1610-1685 Eastham, MA & Elizabeth Hobart
2 Daniel Smith 1647-1720 & Mary Young
3 James Smith 1685- 1755 & Hannah Rogers
4 Benjamin Smith 1724-1796 & Ruth Snow
5 Amasa Smith 1754- 1812 & Ruth Baxter
6 Amasa Smith Jr. 1793- 1865 & Clarissa Hubbard
7 Richard Smith 1829- 1916 & Betsy Jane Tucker
8 George Amasa Smith 1861-1949 & Addie May Brown
9 Charles Roland Smith 1895-1968 & Elizabeth Anna Barck
10 James Eugene Smith 1928-1996
Not a yDNA match to other Group 8 Ralph Smiths
378Not RelatedR
087574[42]Edward P Smith bc 1818 NY dc 1863 Rensselaer, NY m Margaret Hannah Sharp c1853 NY. Killed in a mill accident in Sand Lake.
2 Eleazer Alexander Smith b 29 Oct 1859 Grafton NY d 3 Apr 1944 Miami FL m Jennie E Millis. Res Sand Lake Rensselaer Co NY.
2 Edward L Smith b 1857 Sand Lake NY d 13 May 1939 Rensselaer Co NY.
378Not RelatedE
088076[6]Zebulon Smith dc 1825 NY m Amy Mott Family tradition: ancestor John Smith came to Am c1640
2 Stephen Baldwin Smith c1809-p1878 NY m Mary Elizabeth Sobey
3 Henry Thomas Smith 1841-1902 NY m Emma Bertha Moseman
4 Thomas Smull Smith 1886-1963 NY m Alice Ingeborg Eriksson
5 Carl York Thomas Smull Smith 1921-1982 NY.
378Not RelatedR
008858[5]John Smith ___ENG–1669 MA m Mary ___ d 1659. John Smith-70371>John>Thomas>Henry>Thomas>Blodget>Reuben>Adam>John Madison378Not RelatedR
090777[10]William Smith bc 1613 ENG d 1654 a London tailor m Ann settled in Charlestown MA before 1637.
2 Samuel 1670-1747 m Abigail Emerson
3 Samuel 1696 MA – 1781 NH m 2) Hannah Page
4 Nathaniel b 1738 MA m Lydia Page 1761
5 Jacob 1770 NH – 1859 OH m Hannah Mary Aken
6 Nathaniel b CAN d bef 1849 OH m Mary? Clarissa
7 Jacob Smith b 1825 NY d 1901 OH m Mary Jane Barber.
8 Chester C Smith b 1851 OH d 1910 WA m Elizabeth Belle DeHaven.
9 George Calvin Smith b 1895 OH d 1964 WA m Ruth Helen England.
378Not RelatedR
091295William F Smith b 21 Jul 1817 PA d 1877 Winfield, Cauley, KS m 1843 in Morgan Co OH to Rebecca Kyle Bethel.
2 James Kyle Polk Smith b 1846 in Sharon Co OH d 1893 in Chetopa, Labette, KS 1866 in Warren Co IA Catherine Bickle Bickel.
3 Frank James Smith b 1874 in Winfield, Cowley, KS d 1942 m 1898 Rozette Fry both bur in Pleasant Valley Cem Oswego, Labette, KS
128Not RelatedR
009185[2]Andrew Smith b 1648 MA d aft 2 May 1717 Taunton MA m Mary Bundy. Res in Taunton, Bristol, MA.
Descendants went to Stoughton, MA
378Not RelatedI
009186Andrew J Smith b 1834 Co Cork IRE d 1890 Hartford CT; m Julia A Burke c1867/8. 5 children.
Thomas Burke b 1869 d 1923 m Elizabeth M Rafter
William H b 1874 m Katherine Oakley
Edward L b 1877 m Grace L
Clarence H b May 1878 m Anne
378Not RelatedR
092569[38]Unknown(John?) Smith mc 1720 Hopewell NJ to Rebecca Anderson.
2 Anderson bc 1742/5 Frederick Co VA or perhaps NJ d bef 1820 Bedford, TN m 1763 Pricilla Williams in Rowan Co NC. 3 Anderson Jr b 1781 Sullivan Co NC d 1858 DeKalb,MO m 1801 Rebecca Thompson in Pulaski Co KY. 4 Thompson Smith b 1802 Pulaski Co KY d 1865 DeKalb, MO m 1823 Elizabeth Conlee in Madison Co IL. 5 John Alexander Smith b 1839 DeKalb, MO d 1914 Los Angeles Co CA m 1840 Elizabeth Gregg. 6 Edward Smith b 1867 DeKalb, MO d 1949 Madera CA m 1888 Luna Collins in Brown Co KS
378Not RelatedR
093588[2]no earliest known Smith info378Not RelatedI
097949[13]John Smith bc 1767 ENG dc 1849 Loyalhannah, Westmoreland, PA m Catharine ‘Katy’ Gooden b 1777 PA.
2 Benjamin b 1818 PA d 1864 Brown Co IN m Jane Stitt.
3 Pleasant Jacob Smith b 1858 moved to AR late 1800s d Lonoke Co AR 1933
378Not RelatedR
N02152no earliest known Smith info 128Not RelatedR
N02214[2]Joseph Smith b 1753 Berkley, Bristol, MA d 1823 Gouverneur NY m Olive Briggs in Dighton MA, res Putney VT. Sons b in Putney VT: 2 Nathaniel Fisher b 1771. 2 Joseph b 1780. 2 Benjamin b 1782. 2 Jonathan b 1784. 128Not RelatedI
N03599[2]Eliab Smith bc 1750 ME d 1825 m Abigail Lewis in Kennebec Co ME. Father possibly was a Moses Smith of MA, NH or ME 378Not RelatedI
N06837Kyle Smith b Clyde OH.  2 Lucas Smith bc 1900 prob OH 128Not RelatedE
104780[15]William Smith b 1598 Whitford Devon ENG dc 1684 Jamaica, Long Island, Suffolk, NY.
2 Benjamin Smith b 1632 in Whitford.
3 Ebenezer Smith b 1690 in Milford New Haven Co CT.
4 Isaac Smith b 1727 Milford.
5 Samuel Miles Smith b 1776 Milford.
6 Samuel Miles Smith Jr b 1808 Milford.
7 Frederick Monroe Smith b 9 Apr 1846 in New Haven CT
379Not RelatedR
105231[47]Henry Smith b 1600 Hingham,, Norfolk, ENG d 1647 Rehoboth MA m Judith Cooper 1620 in Hingham 379Not RelatedQ
105521[7]Rev Henry Smith b ENG d 1648 Wethersfield CT m2 Dorothy.
Rev. Henry Smith-2065>Samuel>Ichabod>Ichabod>Ichabod>Ichabod>William Henry>Paul Wright>Luther Hill
259Not RelatedR
106918William Smith m Jane Isabella Mills London ENG. Only child:
2 William John Smith b 12 Feb 1851 London d 2 Sep 1917 Chester Co PA m Ellen Smiley 19 Dec 1876 Chester Co.
Sons: William John 1877; Charles Henry 1880; Lewis Eugene 1882; Albert 1886; Fredrick Arthur 1891; Leroy Archie 1894
379Not RelatedR
107214Philip Schmidt bc 1721/25 GER d 1814 OH.
2 Peter Smith b 1751.
3 Isaac Smith b 1777 PA.
4 Jacob Smith b 1809 d 1862 PA.
5 Robert Smith b 1839 PA d 1927 WV
379Not RelatedI
107610Charles Smith bc 1841 Tioga Co PA d bef Mar 1870 m Catherine Westbrook in Greenbush, Clinton, MI 22 Feb 1865. Only child, George Franklin Smith b 21 Feb 1866 in Clinton Co MI. Catherine remarried in Mar 1870379Not RelatedR
109524[38]Unknown(John?) Smith mc 1720 Hopewell NJ to Rebecca Anderson.
2 Anderson bc 1742/5 Frederick Co VA or perhaps NJ d bef 1820 Bedford, TN m 1763 Pricilla Williams in Rowan Co NC.
3 Vinson Smith b 1778 d 1857
379Not RelatedR
017331William Louis Smith b 17 Aug 1889 Lorain, Ohio. Moved to Washington County, MS in 1920; m Maggie Mae Streetman. Died March 26, 1930 Tupelo, Lee Co., MS. 259Not RelatedR
111146[41]Robert Smith b 25 Dec 1778 Londonderry, Co Derry, N IRE d 16 Mar 1881 Scrubgrass Twp, Venango, PA m c1816 to Martha Eakin, dau of John Eakin & Margaret Poston.
Sons: Robert Black; William M; John Eakin; David G
379Not RelatedE
111246Andrew Fayette Smith b 15 OCT 1826 TN d 1 MAR 1866 Gladden Valley, Dent, MO m Catherine Luker b 4 OCT 1829 d 7 MAR 1907.
2 William Cage Smith b 25 AUG 1860 MO d 11 NOV 1948 Fresno, CA m 1st Laura Jane Thomas b 22 JUL 1859 d 29 APR 1896.
3 Walter Prestont Smith, Sr b 22 MAR 1883 d 29 JAN 1946 m Sarah Audrey Johnson b 1 SEP 1893 d 9 AUG 1990.
379Not RelatedR
111460[38]Unknown(John?) Smith mc 1720 Hopewell NJ to Rebecca Anderson.
2 Anderson bc 1742/5 Frederick Co VA or perhaps NJ d bef 1820 Bedford, TN m 1763 Pricilla Williams in Rowan Co NC.
3 Vincent sometimes Vinson b 27 Oct 1778 in Rowan Co NC d 17 Jun 1857 in Bedford Co TN m Anna Dolin/Dolan 1796 Rowan Co NC. 4 Hiram Smith b 1809 TN d 1852
379Not RelatedR
112216[9]Lloyd Smith bc 1898 NY; perhaps m Edna Mae Sackett c1917 Wilkes Barre, Luzerne, PA. Divorced after son Lloyd Ezra b in 1918 379Not RelatedR
113237Adam Smith Jr b 1763 prob PA d 1823 m Elizabeth b 1766. Res Adams Co & Westmorelandc o PA, moved to Stark Co OH. Both bur Stark Co OH near Canton. Family tradition is these were lowland Scots and Scotch Irish 379Not RelatedR
114882[23]William Smith bc 1508 Humberstone ENG
2 William Smith 1592 ENG-1639/43 NY m Ellen Hill
3 Abram/Abraham Smith c1625 NY/ENG-1698 RI m Mary Pines
4 Abram/Abraham'Mariner' 1647 NY-1732 m Margery
5 Thomas'Yeoman' 1672 NY-1732 NJ m Mary Wells Allen
6 Anthony'Quaker' 1723 NJ-1809 PA m Lydia Willets
7 Timothy *Revo. 1747 NJ-1822 PA m Sarah Willets
8 Micajah Smith 1773 NJ-1849 PA m Esther Hogue
9 William Smith 1799 PA-1859 WV m Margaret Binns
10 Lewis Gibson Smith 1840 WV-1935 KS m MaryAlbertine Moore
11 Mont Leroy Smith 1882 KS-1969 UT m Emma Nugent
12 Albert Leroy Smith 1916 KS-2000 UT
379Not RelatedE
115560[71]James Smith bc1770/1800 CT?MA d NY? m2) Mary/Polly Herrick
2Henry Calvin Smith 1818 NY?CAN-1894 NY m1) Laura Shults m2) Rachel Herrick
3William Henry Smith 1850 MI-1908 NY m Julia Ann Brown
4Fred Calvin Smith 1870 NY-1923 NY m Georgia Lee Frary
5 Ward Henry Smith Sr b 1906 NY m Ethel Joyce Pattyson
6 Ward Henry Smith Jr 1927 NY-2011
379Not RelatedR
116546[7]Rev Henry Smith b ENG d 1648 Wethersfield CT m2 Dorothy.
Rev. Henry Smith-2065>Samuel>Ebenezer>Jonathan>Charles>David>Daniel>Daniel Bateman>Hulbert Bateman>Frank Daniel
259Not RelatedR
117486[38]Unknown(John?) Smith mc 1720 Hopewell NJ to Rebecca Anderson.
2 Anderson bc 1742/5 Frederick Co VA or perhaps NJ d bef 1820 Bedford, TN m 1763 Pricilla Williams in Rowan Co NC.
2 Vinson Smith b 1778d 1857.
3 John Payton Smith b 1799 d 1841.
4 William Vinson Smith b 1819 d 1892.
5 Willard Payton Smith b 1857
379Not RelatedR
216427John Smyth bc 1592 Ayr, Scotland expected ancestry
1 James Smith (1711 Scotland – 1797 Nova Scotia, CAN) m. Barbara Lanham
2 Archibald Smith (1768 Nova Scotia, CAN – 1852 NS, CAN) m. Anne Gillmore
3 William Smith (1814 NS, CAN – 1893 NS, CAN) m. Elizabeth Martha Miller
4 Henry Smith (1860 NS, CAN – 1915 NS, CAN) m. Beatrice Feodore (Tracey) Constantine
5 Charles Melville Smith (1886 NS, CA – 1956 Saskatchewan, CAN) m. Gertrude Frances Klotz
379Not RelatedR
120015[9]Rev JOHN SMITH bc 1614 ENG dp 1688 Sandwich MA m Susannah Hinckley 1642
2 SAMUEL1644 MA-1729 Woodbridge NJ m1) Ester Dunham
3 Samuel 1685 NJ-1748 NJ m Rebecca
4 Joseph 1715-__ m Rachel Alfred/Alford
5 Othneil 1743 NJ-1813 CAN m Elizabeth
6 Andrew 1781 NJ-1849 CAN m Elizabeth Soverigen
7 Daniel Freeman 1812 CAN-1883 m Jane Scott
8 Albert Shepley 1862 CAN-1928 m Alberta A Axford
9 Erland Wm Claude 1908 CAN-1987 m Mary Ann Onifrichuk
379Not RelatedR
120846Smith of Tuscarawas Co OH 379Not RelatedR
B6966no earliest known Smith info 379Not RelatedR
124167Anthony Smith b 1830 OH d 1882 379Not RelatedR
126278Peter Paterson Smith b 1841 Cape Sable Is, Shelburne, NS CAN d 25 Jul 1926 m Rebecca Atkinson.
2 Israel Atkinson Smith b 8 Nov 1872 in Cape Sable Island d 4 May 1944 m Edith Wonson Smith.
3 Herbert Hayden Smith b 5 Feb 1905 in Cape Sable Island d 3 Mar 1987 Boston MA m Honora Amanda Keefe.
Connections by female marriage to Group 8 Ralph Smith/Smythe lines.
379Not RelatedR
136482[29]Jedediah Smith bc 1789 NH d 3 Sep 1846 age 57.
2 Orson Grover Smith b 4 Oct 1839 d 13 May 1883 in Hinsdale NH. 3 Irving Clarence Smith b 3 Aug 1868 Hinsdale NH d 13 Mar 1929 Hinsdale NH. 4 Sidney Proctor Smith b 14 Nov 1914 Hinsdale NH d 8 May 1993 Brattleboro VT
379Not RelatedR
138637Alexander Smith b 19 Dec 1837 PA m Nida Hewett d 1918 at Vicksburg, MS . Both of Alexander’s parents b in PA per 1900 census of Vicksburg, Warren, MS. Sons: 2 James Henry Rees Smith b 1875 d 1917. 2 Charles Wallace Smith b 1877 d 1930. 2 Augustus ‘Gus’ Smith b 1882 d 1934. 2 Robert Arnot Quin Smith b 1886 d 1963. 129Not RelatedR
140028[19]John A Smith bc 1802 PA perhaps Bucks or Lehigh Co dc 1853 in Bucks Co PA.
2 Andrew Jackson Smith b 1847 Bucks Co PA d Sept 4 1916 m Mary Jane Slack in 1870, had 8 children & lived in Bucks Co.
379Not RelatedR
140199[11]Swanson S Smith b 1819/20 OH m Rebecca Kenan 1844 Warren Co IL; d 1880 Macon Co MO . Sons:
2 Charles Swanson b 1847 d 1892.
2 Stewart b 1849 d 1911.
2 Henry b 1851 d 1916.
2 Frank or Franklin b 1853 d 1919.
2 Fred or Frederick b 1856 d 1922.
2 John bc 1864/5.
2 James b 1864 d 1938.
379Not RelatedR
142463[1]Reuben Smith b 1755 Brookfield, West Parish, Worcester MA m Mehitable Earle d 1840 Saint Clair Co MI. Also res Onondaga Co NY 379Not RelatedR
331279no earliest known Smith info 379Not RelatedR
144012Joseph-4 Bros-Smith m Lydia Huit. BC 1631 ENG d Jan 1690 Hartford CT
2 Joseph Smith Jr b 1657 d 1733 MA m Rebecca Dickinson. 3 Joseph Smith III b 1681 d 1767 MA m Sarah 4 Alexander. Reuben Smith Sr b 1721 d 1798 MA m Miriam Moody. 5 Jonathan Smith b 1749 d 1809 MA m Bathsheba Chapin. 6 Chauncey Smith b 1779 d 1814 ON m Myranne Eddy. 7 Josiah Smith 7 b 1809 d 1861 ON probably adopted m first Mary Simmerman, second Mrs Margaret Simmerman Whale
379Not RelatedR
145353Henry F Smith b 1864 OH dc 1905 259Not RelatedI
321801[23]John R Smith b 1818 d 1888 379Not RelatedE
147999[72]Thompson Smith bc 1750 d 1821 Stokes Co NC m Rachel Ukn. Res O